Turn Heads at Prom Pt.2

Turn Heads at Prom Pt.2

Hey Loves,

Ok so now that we have options for senior prom lets move on to jr. prom. This is actually double duty post. Because I am someone whose school did 2 proms a year. Junior prom in my opinion is a glorified cocktail party. So in my opinion, a floor length gown really isn’t needed. Also for those girls who are more on the short side and don’t want to do a floor length gown, and want shorter hem, this is for you.


City Chic is always for that girl can mix in with the crowd, but without notice, become so daring. And I haven’t seen anyone do a full skirt like them.


SWAK is just to cute for my soul lol If you know in your heart, color is what you want, be sure to cruise their site. because they will make you life happy lol


Dorothy Perkins, is always a great place to buy dresses. Because they are online, they have tons of options. And no shortage of dress that make anyone look stunning.


Igigi does give an older feel, but its all about how you wear something. Form fitting and color, is perfect for prom. Again this type of dress lets you make it what you want it to be.


Macy’s is always that go to department store that can almost never let you down. I personally have found plenty of great options there. If you need some thing elegant and quick, they’re a good place.


Rue 114 is great for that print that you definitely won’t see on anyone else. The sweetheart top gives a great neckline, which gives you options to play with your hair and jewelry.

Stay tuned for shoes….



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