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gAfter thoughts of Jenny Craig

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Hey Loves,
I’ve been on the Jenny Craig program for a little over a month and it has been an interesting experience, and by interesting I mean good. But for this post, I want to talk about what kept me going on this journey. The truth is it was discipline, that got me through this process. Because many times I wanted to just grab some fries or have the quesadilla. But I knew that would throw my calorie count way off and I would suffer in the end. My struggles were very real during this process but what kept me going was being disciplined and have the ability to talk through my issue each week. So her are some of my after thoughts of Jenny Craig

I would be lying if I said it was easy to ONLY eat JC food. It wasn’t. Real life does happen, and going out to dinner with friends or with clients is a real thing for me. Plenty of times I’ve wanted to stop and get some Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Or I would say to myself, just get a small fries from McDonald’s you have the calories to spare. Those moments happen, and I have to talk myself out of it and remember that I have food at home that I can eat. Many times throughout this process I had to really think about my food choices when going out to dinner. Many times I took the proper steps to make sure I didn’t overeat my calories each day. If that meant not having my afternoon snack or not having my dessert so be it. But the JC program prepares you for those moments. Their entire program is about setting you up to make the right choices within your daily life. Your consultant knows it’s unrealistic to say you’ll never go out to dinner. It’s unrealistic to not go out with friends. It’s unrealistic to think that cravings won’t come or that you’ll contemplate grabbing that muffin from Starbucks or that donut from Dunkin.

After thoughts of Jenny Craig

Dinner every night requires 2 different types of veggies

What also worked for me throughout this process was being able to talk through my struggles. Sitting down with my consultant Susie every Friday allowed me to talk about the ups and downs of my week which directly or indirectly affected my eating. There was one particular week where I found myself not having an appetite so I wasn’t eating at all. That resulted in me gaining a pound. Susie helped me talk through why I wasn’t eating how I could correct it following week. The following week, when I stuck to my plan for every single meal I ended up losing 2 pounds. (*Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week. )I received promotional consideration There was another week where I struggled getting in all my water. She also gave me fun ideas to get my water in every day. That same week I was absolutely SICK of eating yogurt every day and I need something to replace that. My consultant Susie gave me fun yogurt shake recipes as well as the best yogurt brands that would align with my program. All of these things seem simple and small. But a lot of small things add up to big things which can affect my process.

As a part of my discipline, I had to learn how to write out my plans for the week. Being that I work from home, no 2 days are the same. My schedule tends to be sporadic, which ultimately does affect my meals.  So writing out my schedule a crucial for my process because if I can see my events for the week laid out, I can plan my eating for the week. Yes, meal prep is SUPER important.  Just because JC gives you the food to eat, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t meal prep. Meal prepping my food day today made staying on the program much easier. Particularly if I knew I wouldn’t be home for a day or 2, I would pack all my meals for the time I would be away, so I wouldn’t feel tempted to just eat anything.

After thoughts of Jenny Craig

Always pack up my food for when I’m on the go

At the end of the day like any other program, Jenny Craig takes commitment and discipline. I said it in my last post about Jenny Craig, If you work the program, it will work for you. Stick to the food, the water and get active you will see results. But also know that real life things happen and it’s okay. It’s okay to go out to dinner, it’s okay to still do things with your friends. Just plan your meals accordingly. Bring your fruit and snack with you while you’re out. Plan to not have certain snacks or desserts if you’re going to dinner so you don’t overeat your calories. And if you have a day where you “fall off” just get back to it the next day. Don’t let one off day become 2 off days or 3 off days. For me, Jenny Craig was the foundation for getting my eating habits together. I measure my food now, I’ve learned to eyeball serving sizes in case I don’t have measuring tools nearby. I’ve learned to love vegetables again. I’ve made some fun shakes and smoothies for my snacks. I’ve gained a better understanding of where calories can sneak up on me. As I lost weight each week Susie would always say to me, your body wants to be healthy and it will adjust the more you make the right choices. And she couldn’t be more right. You all know I’m not stuck on looking at the scale, but I know when my body feels different. I’m sleeping better. My skin feels better. I have a new love for the gym. (Follow my plus size fitness Ig @ShayShapesUp). Jenny Craig is about giving you a new relationship with food so that you can ultimately have long term success with your health.

This whole program is 100% worth it and I am grateful Jenny Craig for this opportunity. I definitely feel more confident to step out on my own to keep my eating together.

See you all in my next post.




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  1. Susan Sharples-Zito
    February 25, 2017 / 6:44 pm

    Hi Shay, Susie here from Jenny Craig. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our consultations, and what a pleasure it is to know you. You have inspired me as well. Keep up with your new eating habits, and you will be successful in maintaining your health.
    Take care, andI hope to see you in the future.

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