Black Women in Yoga

black women in yoga

We all know Representation matters. I have been dipping my toe into trying out Yoga. When I decided to look into doing Yoga, one of the top things I was looking for was black women in Yoga. So I hunted through Instagram and to hopefully find some options and I was not disappointed. I am also lucky to know a few women whom I’ve met over the years that either teach Yoga classes or have their own studios. I have definitely made me feel significantly more comfortable to know that the teacher of the Yoga class looked like me. So here is a list of my favorite black women in Yoga.


I’ve known Jessamyn via social media like so many. Not only a woman of color but a plus-size woman of color sharing her passion for yoga with the world showed me that at my size it was totally possible. She’s also pretty damn dope!


I met Deanna a few years ago via my homegirl Kelly. Since meeting Deanna, I have followed her journey with Yoga and ultimately owning a Yoga studio in Brooklyn. I’ve also had the pleasure of taking one of her classes. She made me feel comfortable about my level of knowledge with yoga. I have to say she is the real deal for me.


I’ve followed Ronnie as a model for quite sometime. However, I have always loved her Yoga content as well. Based in Philly I’m always lowkey happy that she teaches as well. I know one day when I make it out to Philly, I’m taking a class.


Another peer of mine within the plus industry Paris has always been shared her health and fitness journey. Now that she is is a co-founder of her own yoga studio in Brooklyn, I have to make a stop by

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My yoga journey began over 14 years ago. In the years prior I had shifted into a deeper awareness of health and was attracted to yoga. I created a vision board that included random women of color doing yoga poses. Months later, I started working across the street from a yoga studio and that’s when my curiosity expanded. I walked in and inquired about volunteer opportunities. A few weeks later I was volunteering weekly for unlimited yoga class. Although I felt like an outsider, I immersed myself in the yoga community. As my practiced deepened, so did my acceptance and love for my body. Fast forward to today and I’ve been on a journey. I’ve worked at various yoga and dance studios. Now I’m excited to be the cofounder of BK Yoga Club, a body positive yoga club. Yoga has always be an opportunity for me to create space, quiet my mind, and come back to my center. As I am reminded of translating that work outside of the mat I reflect on my ''falling in love with food'' journey. To be honest, I’m not going to pretend to be the health guru who has it all figured out and just like yoga, it’s a continual practice. I have shifted the language of dieting to “food patterns” and these days after doing so many fad diets and food plans, I am exploring food patterns that support me in having energy and vitality. I am intentionally falling in love with food and companies like @greentopfarms have made it easy for me to learn about new veggies and even spark my interest in eating whole foods and knowing where my food is coming from! I am creating a space where I am honoring my body by eating food that nourishes me.  I’m shedding the old and entering into self acceptance. I don’t have it all figured out but one thing I know for certain is that it all starts from operating from a place of love. I choose to fill myself up with love and fall in love with my food. So excited for everyone to try Green Top Farms super fresh, very local, and always tasty treats at our launch party! Check them out and RSVP to attend. ❤️ (swipe) 📸 @goodhabit

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I met Dara once and was completely taken by her. Both of us attended CurlFest 2018 with natural hair salon NappStar. In true fashion, after making small talk we exchanged IG handles and before you know I’m was sucked into her yoga content. She is a nurse by profession but also teaches yoga classes as well. She is also on my list to try outh

Are you into yoga? Are you thinking about Yoga? Let me know. See you in my next post. More health-related posts are on the blog HERE.



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