Black, Brown, and White

Today was a pretty nice day, and a perfect day to play dress up. I wasn’t to hot so I don’t mind changing in and out of different articles of clothing. You’ve seen this skirt before, so i wanted to reuse the look. About two weeks ago I bought these really cute sandals for Target for $17.50 and they a light beige/brown. So i was on the hunt for a belt to match, cause I had this skirt in mind. I got lucky, the other day while doing laundry I ran into Dots, where I found this perfect belt! YAY ME! lol I paired it with this simple black tube top and here you go!

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Real Life Runway; Tiffany

So ladies we have another submission. And I have to say I am quote #GEEKED about this one. When I saw her pictures that she submitted I melted. Her style is so chic and worn well, and ALL thrifted! WHAT!?!? girl worked it. Ladies meet Ms. Tiffany
check out the blog, you will not be sorry Reconciled1

Where did you wear the outfit?
I am a teacher and most of them I will wear to school. 

Where did you purchase each item?
All of these outfits I purchased at a thrift store and spent less than $30 total. 

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Real Life Runway; Chakayla Taylor

So i love when my followers return with fly outfits. Ya’ll already know her, and her mouth water style, if you dont you need to get it together and follow her blog…ladies its Ms. Chakayla Taylor!!!!
Check her blog Classic.Raw.Beauty

Where did you wear the outfit?
I wore this outfit during a mall outing with a dear friend who was in town for the day! I had to spice it up for him since its been a while since I’ve seen him! 
Where did you get each item?                                                                        

Necklace-Banana Republic
Skirt(not pictured)-WetSeal

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So I am coining a new phrase lol #TUMMYSWAG I know it’s funny but lately with my love of crop tops, and if you’ve been following my blog you know that I have been wearing the hell out of a crop top. Every time I wear it and post about it I refer to it as my #tummyswag.

I know a lot of people are generally against the idea of thick women showing a bit of stomach, but in my mind it is all about how you wear it. Cause in all honesty some straight sized women have no business showing their stomachs either (but i digress) What I have come to realize is that crop tops make me feel a little bit more sexier, and kind of risque, like it’s something I shouldn’t be wearing. But I love it!

So I’m sure you are wondering what is #tummyswag. Well for those thick/plus size ladies who are not afraid of showing a little bit of skin, and is proud to show it off, no matter who they are with, where they are, an looks good doing it…they have #tummyswag

Having #tummyswag isn’t just about show stomach, its about having the complete outfit and feeling good in that outfit. Like anything else, it is all about moderation, obviously you dont want you gut hanging out, but that little hint of skin can be real sexy! Whether you rocking your #tummyswag with sneakers or a 5 inch heel, it doesn’t matter…wear it well.

And that ladies is #Tummyswag

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Happy Belated Birthday to Ms. Mia Amber

Yes I know I’m late, but I still feel the need to wish her a Happy 37th Birthday. For those of you who don’t know Mia Amber was a plus size model/actress that was actually doing very well in her career. She passed about about 2 months ago and it took the industry by surprise. as well as many of her fans. I was a huge fan of hers because she made me believe that being plus size doesn’t mean I can’t be fabulous, fierce and beautiful in my own skin. She is a role model that young girls should be looking up to. Because she stayed true to herself even in the midst of her career. So with all that

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Real Life Runway; Chakayla Taylor

I live to see a fierce outfit worn by a fierce women, and the newest addition to the the RLR series is one fabulous woman. She is an absolute gem and has been an inspiration to me…meet Ms. Chakayla Taylor

Check her blog Classic Raw Beauty
Check her Tumblr Billie Monroe

Where did you wear this outfit?
on my way to a quainte dinner party in the Charlotte with great friends

Where did you get each item?
Lace Top: Charlotte Russe
Coral Wrapskirt-Faith 21 (before it became Forever21 Plus)
Taupe Sandals-Local store in North Carolina
Box Purse-thrifed
Combo Necklace-banana republic

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Real Life Runway; LaShawnda

The new addition to the RLR series lades meet Ms. LaShawnda
I love the simplicity, and it is perfect for these hot summer days.

Where you wore the outfit: 
Lunch Date of sushi with the girls… Dinner date of Beer and burgers with the Girls.
Where you brought each item:
I bought the shirt at Avenue for  12.99  the shorts are super old from Lane Bryant
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Real Life Runway; SheDel

So you all know Real Life Runway would not be complete if this young lady did not submit an outfit. Y’all know her, she is a loyal follower as I am of her blog. If you don’t know her, meet Ms. SheDel of My Thrifted Closet

Where did you wear this outfit?
I wore this outfit on a lunch date and thrifting day with my girlie!
Where did you buy each item?
Outfit Details:
Earrings-$.99@ .99 Sense Store
Necklace-6ish @ Burlington Coat Factory
Nautical Stripe Tank-$3.75 @ Goodwill
Purple Trousers-$3.75 @ Goodwill
Oxfords-$25 @ Off Broadway Shoes
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BFF…Bra Friend Forever

Yes ladies you have read it right, I want to talk about your BFF…Bra Friend Forever. Statistically 80% of women DO NOT wear the right size bra. and being that my current part time job is working at Lane Bryant, we are in the tail end of our semi-annual cacique bra sale. (buy 2 bras get 2 free) but that means I’m doing double the fittings.

Lane Bryant is great for women with larger chest, whether you are plus size or not. we sell sizes 36-48 and extended cup sizes F,G, and H. and yes ladies that have giant tits lol can wear a strapless, you just have to be mind full what and how you wear it.

so here’s my advice…

-When buying bras ladies, please get measured. Just cause you got measured a year ago, and the bra you have on fits well, that does not mean you are wearing the right size. Most of the time bras stretch, and therefore can be misleading in size.

-Ladies if you have the muffin tops, that means your cup size is TOO SMALL.

-Please be honest with yourself. I understand that a larger bra size shocks some of you, but DO NOT try to stuff everything you have into a small saize, cause you will look a mess. (dont try to create cleavage with a smaller bra…gross!)

-Depending on the bra, sometimes you may need to adjust both the cup and band size.

-In a the right bra, you should feel comfortable and sexy.

-finding the right bra takes some time. dont get t aggravated.

-When you do find the right bra, make sure to take not of it so when the time comes abck around to buy again, you know what to look for.

so yea ladies thats my 411 on buy and wearing bras. If you have any questions you can comment or email me @

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