BHM; Popular Curvy Women

Continuing on for Black History Month, the next curvy woman that I adore is the amazing uncomproable Ms. Jill Scott. Now I have always been a fan of hers since I was in middle school. Her music to me, was so different. You could mellow out to her music. She always has a song that you could relate to. Whether you were mad at your man, or you wanted to shower you man with love, Jill has got your back. And to top it of she was a curvy woman that kept her head held high and is a role model for young African American girls across the country.
On top of being an amazing singer she is an actress, a philanthorpist, and the most important job of all; a mom to a very handsome little boy.

Her foundation Blues Babe Foundation was created to

The Blues Babe Foundation is committed to assisting students in under served communities by providing programs that promote leadership and academic excellence. The foundation’s scholarship program offers financial support and mentoring for students that have shown the aptitude and commitment to their education, but whose families may not have the resources to ensure completion of their undergraduate degrees. We also engage students in grades 6 – 12 through programs such as Camp Jill Scott and Clean Up Your Neighborhood. In addition to its support of young people through their public schools, the Foundation also fulfills its mission by including support of community centers and community -focused organizations as a part of its scope

 I love her hair!
 After her fabulous 63 pound weight loss
 She is just gorgeous. Always had this air of confidence that you just can’t ignore!
The many faces of Jill!!! 

I adore her! What do you think?


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Black History Month; Popular Curvy Women

Hey ladies, First let me say happy Happy Black History Month.  As this is my first black history month as a blogger, I really wanted to pay homage to curvy women, fashionistas, and designers all over the world. Each week will show case a different theme.

So to kick things off, this week is all about curvy women who are thriving and working in the industry. I chose to start with this theme and these women because I feel like it’s important for young girls to understand that your body weight does not have to hold you back. Regardless of how much you weigh you can be a singer, an actress, a model, and whole lot more.

for me personally, these women I do consider to be role models. More than just being curvy and successful, but they are plastered in the media in the middle of scandal. They handle themselves with class, their talents overlap, and they all come from humble backgrounds.

The first role model that I am proud to talk about is my home state favorite Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens.
(I had to come out the gate with her, as a born and raised Jersey girl myself, it’s only right that I show the Jersey love.)
She needs no introductions, her career spans multiple decades, and she has been a force. From sitcoms, to box office hits, to being the face of cover girl, to having her own make up line, to showing off her sultry voice, to being one of the most respected female MC’s in hip hop.
She’s come a long way from her U.N.I.T.Y days, and she just keeps on rising!

I tell you I can’t get enough of Queen Latifah. every time I see her on the red carpet, she blows me away. Simply because she has such confidence. As I was growing up I struggled with my weight but to she her proud, and being considered and equal, it changed my mind.

Stay tuned for the rest of the month!


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Asos, Aldo and Cielo give me life

Omg…Omg…omg I have been waiting to do this post for the longest time. Since I got everything, i have been meaning to make an outfit. My harem pants are from Asos Curve, my shoes are from Aldo and my shirt is from a designer Cielo. So today when I had some time I got dressed, and fell in love with the outfit. To be honest I almost returned the pants cause when I got them in the mail, they didnt tickle my fancy like I thought they would. But after letting them marinate on the brain, I figured there has to be an outfit I can rock with this. And this is what I came up with.
Adn you know what I found out, when I go to take pictures for the blog, my outfit always dictates how my pictures will turn out. Sometimes I’m so in love with the outfit that the pictures just turn out naturally. And these were on of those times. Let me know what you you guys.

Outfit run down
pants-Asos Curve
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Real Life Runway; SheDel

It’s funny when homegirl asked if I don’t mind her sending in another post. She should know, she can send in 20 outfits and EVERY SINGLE outfit will get posted. lol Shedel is one of my favorite bloggers, I stalk her blog all the time, her style and her confidence are what you girls need to look up to.. You all know her, Ladies its Shedel!!!!

And of course, If you haven’t already you NEED to follow her blog! My Thrifted Closet

Where you wore this outfit?
I wore this outfit to pick up my mom from work AND I wanted a photoshoot
Where you got each item. (If applicable)?
Lace crop top- $7 @ Rainbow
Leopard Skirt $3.75 @ Goodwill
Earrings- Mom Thrifted
Chunky Necklace- $6.99
Flats- $22.99 @ Payless

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Black, Brown, and White

Today was a pretty nice day, and a perfect day to play dress up. I wasn’t to hot so I don’t mind changing in and out of different articles of clothing. You’ve seen this skirt before, so i wanted to reuse the look. About two weeks ago I bought these really cute sandals for Target for $17.50 and they a light beige/brown. So i was on the hunt for a belt to match, cause I had this skirt in mind. I got lucky, the other day while doing laundry I ran into Dots, where I found this perfect belt! YAY ME! lol I paired it with this simple black tube top and here you go!

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Real Life Runway; Chakayla Taylor

So i love when my followers return with fly outfits. Ya’ll already know her, and her mouth water style, if you dont you need to get it together and follow her blog…ladies its Ms. Chakayla Taylor!!!!
Check her blog Classic.Raw.Beauty

Where did you wear the outfit?
I wore this outfit during a mall outing with a dear friend who was in town for the day! I had to spice it up for him since its been a while since I’ve seen him! 
Where did you get each item?                                                                        

Necklace-Banana Republic
Skirt(not pictured)-WetSeal

To be a part of the RLR Series Click Here

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Happy Belated Birthday to Ms. Mia Amber

Yes I know I’m late, but I still feel the need to wish her a Happy 37th Birthday. For those of you who don’t know Mia Amber was a plus size model/actress that was actually doing very well in her career. She passed about about 2 months ago and it took the industry by surprise. as well as many of her fans. I was a huge fan of hers because she made me believe that being plus size doesn’t mean I can’t be fabulous, fierce and beautiful in my own skin. She is a role model that young girls should be looking up to. Because she stayed true to herself even in the midst of her career. So with all that

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Real Life Runway; Chakayla Taylor

I live to see a fierce outfit worn by a fierce women, and the newest addition to the the RLR series is one fabulous woman. She is an absolute gem and has been an inspiration to me…meet Ms. Chakayla Taylor

Check her blog Classic Raw Beauty
Check her Tumblr Billie Monroe

Where did you wear this outfit?
on my way to a quainte dinner party in the Charlotte with great friends

Where did you get each item?
Lace Top: Charlotte Russe
Coral Wrapskirt-Faith 21 (before it became Forever21 Plus)
Taupe Sandals-Local store in North Carolina
Box Purse-thrifed
Combo Necklace-banana republic

To be a part of the RLR Series Click Here

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Real Life Runway; LaShawnda

The new addition to the RLR series lades meet Ms. LaShawnda
I love the simplicity, and it is perfect for these hot summer days.

Where you wore the outfit: 
Lunch Date of sushi with the girls… Dinner date of Beer and burgers with the Girls.
Where you brought each item:
I bought the shirt at Avenue for  12.99  the shorts are super old from Lane Bryant
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Girls Night Out in Crop Tops & Skirts

So Friday night me and the girls hit the streets of NYC and you know that meant cute outfit was a must. we met up at my bestie’s house & all got dressed and we all ended up wearing skirts but wore them differently which i loved. I love how we all had the same idea but put our own spin on it. But in true Shay fashion, lol i had throw on the crop top. The night started with my cute booties but it did rain while we were out sooo i threw on my Pumas to be more comfortable.

close up details of my shirt and skirt

My favorite booties

the assessories for the night
Me and the girls!

This outfit made me feel sexy. my make up was simple, i did a light smokey eye, and bold red lips. and loved it! yup! I was comfortable and it was relatively inexpensive.

Shirt- Rainbow (plus) $12.99
Skirt- Fashion to Figure $25.00
Booties- Torrid

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