The hi/low of the summer

The hi/low of the summer

First let me give a shout out to Dots for selling this dress! So today was a relatively nice day here in Jersey, Nice enough to walk outside and not die of a heat stroke the second you walk outside lol I was heading to lunch with my bestie and then headed to the mall. So i threw on this hi/low dress I got from Dots about 2 weeks ago. When I saw this two tone dress, I just knew it had to make its way into my closet. It’s really thin, so I had to break out the spanx (which I have to buy a new pair) to wear it. But its fine because I got tons and tons of complements on it today. I wore it two ways. I tried it with the blue accessories and then kept it simple when we actually went to the mall. But I am definitely  in love with the hi/low hems for the summer. 

Outfit Details:
Dress, Necklace Necklace: Dots
Bracelet: local boutique
Bag: Call it Spring


How I wore it to the mall!


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