When Life gives you a dress…

You know when they say life gives you lemons, make lemonade?!?! yea I’m sure you know. Well this pass weekend was a perfect example. My friends and I were heading up to Boston to go a fashion show that one of my followers had invited me to. We were geeked, we had our outfits planned out, right down to our make-up. But sadly half through out bus ride we found out that the fashion show was canceled….soooo now what? Needless to say we were rather bumed out. But hell we figured, still get dressed up any way, take pictures and go out to dinner. And hell we had our own little fashion show in the hallway of our hotel.
It was the best. To see all our outfits and how different we really are, but the bond that we share is that we love fashion, so it totally works for us!
I wore and a knee length body con dress with an Aztec print from Asos (their straight size line #win) my mint green pumps and my yellow clutch from Fashion to Figure. Make-up, hair and jewelry was kept simple because you know me…my outfit should always be the main statement!

I got the idea from Gabi’s outfit, which you can see here!

Outfit Details”
Bag &belt: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Just Fabulous


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Dress Up Chronicles; ProFASHIONal

#random #sidenote It took me awhile to come up with the title lol. But moving on . In the last post I told you had a rather rough night and had a mini dress up session. This outfit was yet another one of my organic outfit ideas. And as for the title, I feel proFASHIONal lol I felt super sexy but yet, rock the hell out of this outfit at my new job (which I start in February). The blue skirt I got from Forever a while ago, I’m completely in love with it, just haven’t worn it as much as I would like to. I wore a simple cami underneath. and The blazer I got from the great plus size store Eddy and Bri I actually got a few things from them and I am very pleased with everything.
And my shoes I got from Just fabulous. You the website where you answer a little questionaire and they pick out shoes that you might like. I got a quite a fews picks, but these for me seem to be the most unique. I have been looking for something to wear with them.
One thing I like to do with separates like this, I like to creat a very versitile top so that way the bottom is interchangable. So I may not always wear this outfit with the blue skirt, I might pair it with simple black pants, or skinny jeans for a more professional or casual look.

Outfit details:
Top- Fashion to Figure
Blazer- Eddy & Bri
Skirt-Forever 21
Belt- Asos (came with a pair of shorts)
Shoes- Just fabulous
Bag- H&M

Boss lady always on my grind

btw this my 200th post yaaaaay me!
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Leopard and Skirts

So this post is a few days late, but it was so worth it. Late Friday was my best friend’s 23rd birthday. And she had her heart set on going to a club. I had no arguments seeing as how it would be my first time partying in a New Jersey club in my adult life. Again I really had no idea what I was gonna wear, and kind of threw this one together. But I really like it. Everything here you all have seen before. The cardigan I’ve worn before, the skirt, the booties, pretty much are a staple in most of my outfits, but i like reusing them. And yes, I wore the cardigan as a crop top, i couldn’t help it, the idea of showing the hint of skin….#epicwin

Outfit details:
Skirt- Fashion to Figure
Booties- Torrid
Earrings- Fashion to Figure

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I know it has been quite awhile with me posting, I’ve been working like crazy, but I’m quite excited about this post. Answer me this ladies, how many times do you find great shoes but they’re tooooo TIGHT? or those shoes fit but just don’t zip up over those great calves? Well ladies I just heard about an awesome online store that is just for you.

Vivaladiva.com is here to save the day. vivaladiva.com boost 180 different brands of shoes, with a range of sizes and for wide feet calves. This fabulous site offers wide fitting shoes and wide fitting boots for all women, men and children #epicwin When I found out about the site, it was relief to know that there are wide fitting shoes and boots available. As the shoe junkie (yea I said junkie) that I am, the minute I saw the homepage I felt right at home (pun definitely intended) lol. It’s perfect for all us women that can go from wearing those 4-5 inch heels and want to switch it up and wear sneakers. It’s a one stop shop how could you go wrong.

VivaLaDiva.com aims to be the leading footwear destination website, developed by women who love shoes – for women who love shoes.

At VivaLaDiva.com we provide a simple, one-stop shop for all your footwear needs – whatever your sense of style or budget.

We are committed to providing the greatest selection of brands on the Internet and fantastic customer service to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.


A lot of times we sacrifice being comfortable in shoes, because they are just to cute but vivaladiva.com allows us to have our cake and eat it to. They also offer intricate measuring charts to ensure that those fabulous pumps or boots fit just right. I know I couldn’t tell you the 1st thing about measuring ones feet. But vivaladiva gives you step by step instructions to guide you to the right fit. So for those who have wide feet, fat feet, muscular calves, or just rather large calves…vivaladiva.com has got you covered.

Now on to the logistics. Price point is always important when buying shoes (or anything for that matter) but I am proud to say that the prices are reasonable on a very wide spectrum. There are prices to fit the recession free shopper as well as the student loan paying, tight budget shopper. Granted the prices are in Euros, but it’s nothing a currency converter can’t help.

of course I have to show the few things on my wishlist….

Their slogan says A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO SHOES and they couldn’t be any more right.
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Christmas dress at a christmas party

First let me preface this by saying that I hope you all know how much I love you, Cause I froze me blogger fingers off in 40 degree weather to take these pictures lol. Like Trey Songz sad “tell em that I do it, tell em that I do it for ya’ll, for ya’ll, for ya’ll”

Cause I sure do…..

buuuut anyway, can I tell you all just how much I love this dress. This is the perfect case of sometimes you just have to try things on. I saw this dress on Fashion to Figure‘s  website and I thought it looked horrible. Then when I went shopping, I saw it in the store and I was like okay it’s not so bad. BUT when I tried it on…it was a wrap, I just had to buy it.
I was never really a fan of one shoulder dresses (on me at least) but I absolutely adore this dress. The length (I love) and the gray and gold mixture is great for the holiday season. I wore this dress to a Christmas party I went to last night. At first I thought I would be a little too over dressed, but I felt amazing in the dress all night. It was flattering, it fit great…what more could I ask for.

Love the shoulder detail!

Now let’s talk about the shoes…the shoes…THE SHOES HONEY…oh the shoes. So during my little shopping trip to find my dress, I randomly wandered into a shoe store. I was on the hunt for black pumps (it’s quite sad that I don’t own a pair of black pumps) I finally settled on these. On the front they seem normal, but when you look at the back of the heel…SURPRISE!!!

They are super sexy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I kept the jewelry and things very simple because I wanted the dress and shoes to speak for themselves.

Outfit Rundown:
Dress: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Dereon
Bag: Express (about 4 yrs old)
Jacket: Lane Bryant

So what do you think?

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I’m on Team Dereon

I'm on Team Dereon

Yes I am on #teamdereon I am quite proud of Beyonce and her line Dereon. I usually don’t really care for urban lines, because they’re always gaudy and sometimes just straight up ugly. But today as I was out shopping for a christmas party I’m going to this weekend, I stopped in  a random shoe store. I was looking for some black pumps. because I realized I own no black pumps (crazy right!!!) but anyway, just as I was about to give up hope, I saw the quilted black pumps with the Deron symbol. They’re actually nice in person. AND THEY HAD THEM IN MY SIZE #EPICWIN.
The store I was in happen to have more of her pumps so I tried on a few. and fell in love with all the ones I tried on. I ended up buying the first ones in the pic above. They seem plain but they have a nice surprise on the heel. You will see more about them when I do the outfit post about my Christmas look.
I think what I enjoy about these shoes is that they are completely covered with the symbol of Dereon. She could have very well made them all sparkly with all kinds of colors and chains and hooks and what not lol I like that she kept them simple but still very much Bey’s style!

Be sure to enter the GIVE-A-WAY!!!


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Real Life Runway; Tina Santiago

The latest addition to the RLR family, ladies meet Ms. Tina Santiago I love this outfit, its super simple but soooooo cute. Check her blog Rock n’ Ruffles

Where did you wear the outfit?
i wore this outfit while running some errands with my husband and checking out some local thrift stores!

Where did you buy each item?
skinny jeans: Faith21
Top: Forever21 +
shoes: Jessica Simpson via Marshalls
earrings/heart necklace: Forever21
Key Necklace: (made) chain from old necklace, key from antique store.
bangles: re/dress
purse & bracelet: Thrift store

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Thrifted Outfit; Polo Button Up

I know you guys have seen my post on my awesome thrifted finds I got from goodwill. one of them is this cute yellow polo button up. and ya’ll knew I was gonna do with it. Roll up the sleeves and throw on a belt. This is the first of many outfits to come with this shirt. As you can see I have on my favorite skirt from forevr 21 ans my favorite pumps from shoeland. I dont know where I would actually wear this outfit but what does it matter, it’s still awesomely cute.

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Big girl in a Crop Top..uh oh!

so yea I I have been sucked into the crop top frenzy…and damn proud of it. I cut an old shirt that I very rarely wear and this is what I came up with. I’m thinking to cut more of my old shirts to make my own crop top. I’m not sure if i’m quite ready to wear this in public just yet, but who knows. Only time will tell. I paired it with my favorite jeans from Forever 21 and my favorite pumps.

yes ladies i have on a crop top and my tummy is showing, its not the end of the world! You gotta love and accept yourself first, before we can expect others to love us.

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