Cardigan in Wine

Hey Loves,

It’s clear I’m falling in love with cardigans this fall. I mead duh its fall! lol but you’ve all seen me wear cardigans multiple times since the weather has started to shift. And truthfully I really didn’t need another one, but when I saw this cardigan in Old Navy, I thought about all the ways I would wear it.

 My goal for the fall season is to purchase more classic pieces that I can mix and match and that are pretty much timeless. The black dress I got back in February for my birthday, and I think I’ve worn it in every possible way. It’s comfortable and I love it.

Cardigan: Old Navy| Dress: Asos| Shoes: Payless| Belt: H&M
Yea I’m actually wearing the cardigan the correct way lol

We all need that one black bag that fits your life in it, but things don’t get lost in it lol

The funny story with these shoes, I didn’t even go to the store for them. I went for another pair, and I tried these on, and I fell in love IMMEDIATELY! I love the neutral color, and the little bit of detail on the side. I will wear these into the ground.

There you have it loves. Until next time


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On my 3-peat

So the other day as I was walking around the mall, I made my usual pit stop in Old Navy and my sights landed on this fabulous leopard print top and I just knew I had to have it. I am relatively pleased with Old Navy’s fall line up, for the most part. But once I purchased it, I had different types of outfits to wear with this shirt. Nothing is better than versatile clothing. It is super comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. Im in the process of getting my fall wardrobe together. soooooo be on the look out!

Yup, 1 shirt 3 ways
Outfit Details:
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Just Fabulous
Bag: Thrift store
 Outfit Details:
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21
Belt: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: Call it Spring
 Outfit Details:
Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Fashion to Figure
Sandals: Target
Belt: Dots
Clutch: DIY
Until next time,
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Colorful on Nice days

I’m definitely feeling some kinda way because I wore this outfit on Friday, and I’m just now able to post about. I had quite the weekend, which I’ll get into in my next post. But it was absolutely beautiful up here on Friday. And I was excited because I was finally able to wear the wrap dress that I got from Old Navy. I paired it with my leopard print wedge booties for a little extra pop. I felt super sexy. And apparently a lot of men thought so too. The amount of attention I got in this dress was WAAAAAAY  more than I was use to. But hey what can I say…everybody ain’t able lol

But what I love about this dress, is that it’s comfortable and flattering. (as is most wrap dresses) This is the second wrap dress I won. The other one was black that I got from NY & Co. back when I was in high school. I wore that thing to death. And when I saw this dress, I knew right a way that I had to have it.  I pulled my hair in to this really great messy yet some-what polished bun with my very simple and familiar jewelry and It was the perfect outfit for a nice day at the office.

Outfit details
Dress- Old Navy
Wedges- Just Fabulous
Jewelry-Goodwill, Forever 21 & Wetseal

Hope you had a good weekend and a great week!


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Amen to Navy with patterns

Happy Sunday, hope every had a good and week, and have a good week coming up. This is what I wore to church this morning. At church this morning was Family & Friends day, and my dance ministry was worshiping. So i wanted to be put together and polished, but not to over done. The shirt is from Old Navy and I found it on the clearance rack for like $5. #epicwin for me. The skirt is quickly becoming my new favorite pencil skirt. Its from the Miss Tina collection at Walmart.  (don’t sleep on wally world lol) And you all have seen these booties before!

Outfit Details:
Top-Old Navy
Skirt- Walmart
Shoes- Torrid
Belt- Asos
Bag- American Apparel
You can find more American Apparel and other brands at Overstock with coupons!


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Old Navy…Old Reliable

For the longest time I’ve had such a long love/hate relationship with Old Navy. There are some seasons when I am #teamoldnavy I practically live in Old Navy stores. It gets to the point where regardless of what town or city I’m in, I will find the closet Old Navy to shop in. lol and there are some seasons when I’m like what in the hell were they thinking?!?! lol And all I can do is shake my head, and wonder who came up with the design concept for this season. But for spring 2012 I can honestly say I am ready to spend what little bit of money I have in Old Navy.
So what I’m really enjoying is the color scheme they’re working with this season. The great neutrals, the royal blues, the deep oranges, the bold colors of their dresses and skirts, the off the shoulder tops the great chucky jewelry. It was quite surprised to see the choice of colors cause I expected the normal florals and pastels, you know the usual…but nope ON was like HA! TRICKED YA LOL

I actually have the yellow one #win

Salviating over these rust colored jeans
Adore the flats

Shouts out to Old Navy

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Stripes, skirt, and tote

I’ve been meaning to post this outfit for quite some time. But then my charger desides to die on me. But now that I got some time here it is. I wore this outfit to work, and the outfit itself was quite inexpensive. The shirt itself I got for $16 that was originally $88 (2 thumbs up) Lately I’ve been wearing my hair in a high messy bun. One cause it’s easy to do, and two cause I’m being lazy and dont want to retwist my hair. I felt super cute. I lovethis outfit. If you didn’t know I work at Barnes and Noble. We can wear anything besides blue jeans. Some of my co-workers say I have the most fashion sense. Its flattering but hey just cause I work in a book store doesn’t mean I can look cute. (ignore the fact that my skirt is wrinkled)

Outfiut run down
Top- Bloomingdales
Skirt-Old Navy
Belt- Catherines
Flats- Payless
Bag-Aldo tote

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Thick Girls can wear crop tops

So i did it today you guys. I was in public wearing a homemade crop top. I spent most of my time window shopping at the mall. I was SUPA scared and self conscience would be a total understandment. but I got through it and felt pretty good. I know for a fact people were staring at me, and thinking “what the hell is this girl wearing” and it did bother me to an extent, but I got over it. I kept my head held high and kept thinking to myself  I look good and I feel good… that is all that matters.

But I would be lying if I said i almost didn’t go through with it. part of my, before I left the wanted to cover up my stomach. But i wouldn’t have felt right if I punked out. I spend so much time on both my blogs telling my followers to love themselves and not care what the public has to say about what they have on, I would be a hypocrite if don’t practice what I preach. at the end of the day I did it! and it was awesome.

The shirt I got from goodwill, which I basically tucked into my bra to make a crop top, my skirt is from Old Navy, sandals are from shoeland and my bag is from Nine West. I threw on some much need assessories, with my fun new sunglasses.

Thick girls with their stomachs out…UNITE!!!

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I’m in the bathing suit!

So i got this bathing suit from Old navy last year and only wore it once. (not cause i didn’t feel comfortable, but because I really didn’t have the time to wear. I only went to the beach once. but I’m wearing it to see how I feel in it. If ya’ll seen my last post, I got my stomach out! I’m doing my best to feel more comfortable in my skin and I think i’m getting there day by day…post by post…outfit by outfit!

It’s actually quite liberating to see myself in the bathing suit. because I’m really starting to love my thighs in all their glory lol yea they’re big, but hey I know someone out there won’t have problem with them!

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Socks & Heels

having fun with my clothes after class. This is the 1st time I decided to take pics outside my room. I must admit it was quite awkward, cause I really didnt want people to see me takings pics. so I went behind one of the dorms that we dont use ne more. lol

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