I Like Simple Pieces

Hey Loves,

One thing we always hear people say is that we need to have staples pieces in our wardrobe. And I can’t agree more. Don’t get me wrong I love over top options, but sometimes those options don’t translate into everyday life. Typically I would like to take pic outside, buuuuuuuut it was raining cats and dogs outside today and I was not about that life lol

This morning I had to meet with a job recruiter (still on the job hunt, if you know of any openings email) yup that was a shameless plug lol. But anyway, I went to my basic, simple and very “Shainna” outfit. A simple black skirt, a cami and a cardigan, a belt and great shoes. I personally do not like to fit the “norm” when it comes to going to interviews. I don’t even own a suit. Don’t confuse it, I won’t show up looking a mess either. I just like to let people know that I am serious, but fashion is very much a part of me.

SO lets get into my outfit.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: H&M
Cami: Fashion to Figure
Skirt: Torrid
Shoes: Target

My cardigan, you’ve all seen before. I got it from H&M and I am so in love with it. So many of my fellow bloggers always find great pieces in H&M and when I say this cardigan, I just knew it had to be mine. I got it  in a size 10 and it fits perfect.

This skirt I’ve had for quite awhile. Going on a good 4 years now. I got it from Torrid and use to wear it all the time to church. It does have some wear to it but it is still in great condition. I’ve had my ups and downs with Torrid. But this skirt has done me so well. Love it.

Theses shoes….now let me tell you about these shoes. I was walking around in Target, totally not looking for anything, and saw these beauties in my size and they were only $8.98 uh YEEEEAAAA lol

So there you have it loves. What are your go to pieces? Let me know loves

Until next times


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Real Life Runway: Crystal Marston

ayyyyyyye *hittin my dougie* hey loves. Happy new year again, and I am quite excited because I have my 1st Real Life Runway series addition on 2013! Woot. So this young lady, I have been following for some time. I think her style is adorable. And it works for her. Ladies meet Ms. Crystal Marston

Where did you wear this outfit?
I wore my outfit to class.

Where did you get each item?

Top: ASOS Curve
Bottoms: Forever 21 
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Michael Kors
So if you like what you see of Crystal, be sure to head over to her blog and follow!
Beauty Luxurious Designs Beauty offered through luxurious designs!

Want to be a part of the RLR Series Click here

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Blue Aztec

Happy New Year loves! I hope you all had an awesome new years and rang in the new year over the top but safe and responsible! So now that we got that out the way, let’s hope into the 1st look of 2013 *dancing around the room!* lol
I did a little shopping over the holiday time, and couldn’t wait to wear my new stuff. I am proud to say that I actually planned out this outfit, and it actually worked lol.

Yes I had to rock it with my new coat.My mommy got it for me for Christmas. Moms always knows things, cause I was in need a new coat. It is super comfortable and great length and I feel all warm and cozy in it.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Asos
Shoes: Justfab
Belt/Earrings: Dots
Bag: Call it Spring
Coat: Cathrine’s (christmas gift)

 I thought this Aztec dress from Asos was great for this time of the year. It is freezing up here in Jersey, as it should be (it is ALL THE WAY January lol) The length is great, I love the sleeves and super comfortable. I typically wear a size 18 but i got this dress in 16 and it fits great.

 As for my shoes, I think they are one of the bigger surprises. I got them from Just Fab, and in the past I haven’t been to excited with their shoes. They would have some great styles but the fit would suck. But these booties and AWESOME! And they are relatively comfortable. the small studded spikes are just perfect to go from a dress like this, to a more edgy outfit.

 I punched up the black and white look with a few pops blue and one of my favorite bags from Call it Spring.

Until next time loves.

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Leather Skirts for a Curvy Fall

A lot of young women have been asking me about wear to find leather skirts. I must admit, I am wanting to get on this trend as wll. I mean how can you go wrong? There’s leather which is great for fall, and a skirt! Clearly it is a win/win lol So with so many of you wanting to know where to find a great leather or faux leather skirt to rock this season, I made a point to find options for you all. Different cuts and price ranges, there is something for everyone.

Simply Be PU box pleat skirt 

Also for those who like one of a kind pieces Leathercult.com makes custom leather skirts in different colors and styles. I first heard about them when Fran of Frantic Dreams did a post about her leather skirt. Be sure to check them out. Until next time ladies!


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A Dramatic Holiday

Ok and yet again here I am swooning over Monif C. Her holiday collection 2012 has just been launched and I have to say if you are into the drama get you wallets ready. I always enjoy the holiday times because of all the parties the decorations and the spirit in the air. And what better way to show up at the party, than to be in a fabulous dress!

Lets start with the lace and the sleeves and the exposed zipper! With a great shoe and the right make up, you better hit your Naomi Campbell walk in this.

Now I know its all types of cold up here in the tri-state, but I have been dying to show some leg. And in this number, the boys better watch out.

Drama with a train, I’m a purple girl (in case you haven’t noticed lol) High low is still in, and that train behind it, any female coming in behind you better be on top of her game.

Now what would the holidays be without sequins? and ladies don’t let society tell you that plus size girls can’t wear sequins. We can and will rock the living hell out something like this.

So my dear ladies, as usual we got nothing short of fabulous from Monif C. to see the rest of her holiday collection and any other of the past lines check her website Monifc.com Most of these pieces won’t ship out until December, so be sure to put your order in. When you get yours, be sure to take pics and send them on over. Until next time loves.


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Popping with Monif C.

It’s crazy, every season I tell myself “no you’re not gonna do another post on Monif C.” but then I see her line and new arrivals and I get weak in the knees. And I just have to write about it. For me, Monif C, like so many other curvy women, we salivate over the beautiful creations that Monif C. produces. And granted I don’t have the pockets to afford her but hey there’s nothing wrong with looking and holding on to a dream. So enough of my blabbering, check out her new arrivals and I dare you to tell me you don’t get excited.

“Dana”                                 “Maggie”

What I enjoy as usual is that fact she’s never afraid of color. As you can see bold purples, cobalt blues reds, and prints. All great options for fall. And for those who like a subtle boldness of course black is always an option.

“Alexandra”                                “Gia”

“Lena”                             “Whitley”

To see more options in colors and styles, and of course her famous convertible dress, head over to her website Monifc.com 
until next time,

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Partying with #MYNTPMM

Last night was just a great time. I had the awesome pleasure of attending Mynt 1792 and Plus Model Magazine’s event at the Ainsworth. It was a night to reveal and celebrate the fashions of Mynt 1792. And to be honest my pockets will be hurting this fall lol Their jeans, their jackets are just to die for.

It was fabulous night with great food, free drinks and fantastic women. I had to not be star struck when I first got there cause I saw the faces of ladies that I truly look up to. The atmosphere was intimate, crowded (of course) fashion filled.

But on to Mynt 1792…is plus size line aimed at dressing the whole woman. They will offer pieces that we can wear from day to night. Great options in jeans that truly fit our curves. And not just your typical blue jeans. They’ll be offering metallics, skinny jeans, colored jeans  and more. The full line will offer jackets and let me tell you the jackets I saw, just tickle my fancy on so many levels lol Great quality, a fantastic cut & fit.

Be on the look out for the force that is Mynt 1792

Some of their Jackets

 How awesome are those jeans and that vest. Oh those jeans come in a cobalt blue w/ a black stripe!

 Kaela Humphries in one of Mynt Fantastic Jackets
 Metallic Jeans

 This fur vest…to die for!

Check the next post for my outfit from the night!


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High Low and Color

Hello lovlies, so I have had the most emotionally stressful 2 weeks of my life. So one of my favorite bloggers and my new bestie Jen of Jasifers Lions Club we went for dinner at our favorite spot California Pizza Kitchen! Those avacado bacon rolls (heaven on a plate) She really awesome and it was nice to get out the house and have fun. And in true blogger style I had to get a great outfit together. So I got these awesome jeans from forever 21. They are super comfortable and perfect for the weather change. And I’m totally into the high low hem shirts. I gravitate towards them for no reason. And you know me, anything sheer makes the world go round! Paired them with my favorite bag, my fave new shoes and some jewelry and I was ready for dinner.

Outfit Details:
Top: Deb
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Bag: Thrift store
Jewelry: various places

 I am so in love with these shoes. Shoedazzle is really my new go to place for great shoes at affordable prices. I honestly was against pointed tow shoes, but I couldn’t pass up these cap toe shoes. They gave me life when I saw them online and I just knew they had to be in my closet.

She made the perfect arm rest!!
Ok I compromised and got down to her level…even though I couldn’t stay lol
Until next time loves
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I’m just a girl in RED dress

It’s about time I finally wear this dress. So if for some unknown reason you’ve been living under a rock you would know that I’m basically living in hi/low dresses and/or skirts. So today kinda in a rush I pulled out my dress from forever 21 that I got a few weeks back. I got in 1x cause the 2x just looked to big on me. But when I got home the top part of the dress was to tight. But today I was like what the hell “F it” so I put it on and honey let me tell you, I’m feelin the hell outta myself right now lol and of course I had to throw on the leopard print wedges to set it off! but I love this dress, And feel extra cute!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Jewlery: various places

 what do you think?


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Mint Green with a Maxi Skirt

Hey all, so I definitely think skirts and dress will be my norm for the summer. Like the very idea of having jeans or leggings makes me frown lol So as I was getting dressed this morning I was thinking of what to wear. Ans in true Shainna fashion I put this little look together last minute. Everything in this outfit (except for the belt) has been worn before. The skirt is simple the circle scarf from American Apparel i posted about seen here. My shirt, is actually a bodycon dress from H&M tucked in! If you havent seen me in the H&M dress check out my instagram photos from this weekend @ThickgrlsCloset. And I wore my knock off Dolce Vita sandals I told u about here. Heck yea I reuse the hell out of my clothes lol Needless to say I felt very summery and ready to go to work.

Outfit Details:
Top (actually a dress): H&M
Skirt (actually a scarf): American Apparel
Jewelry: Payless
Sandals: Target

 loves and all of that!


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