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Outfit for mother's day

Hey Loves,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies, young, old, with one child or 10. Everyday is your day, but especially on today. So I spent the morning in Church for our annual mother’s day service. My mom was out of town for most of the day. But I got to spend the evening with her.  I don’t have much to say but I was so love with my outfit that I just want to post it lol So check out my outfit for mother’s day.

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Turn Heads at Prom

Hey Loves,

Yup, it’s that time of year again. A lot of you have been sending messages for some ideas for prom. So I took some time to look up some really great options for prom. So that way when you walk in the room, you not only turn heads, you break necks. This will be part 1 of what I’m calling the Prom Head Turner Series. I will explore dress options for both Jr. and Sr. prom, shoe ideas, hair ideas, and makeup to make your big day the best it can be.

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ha Dots (dot dot dot) Hey loves. So it’s about time that I do this post. I have been a huge fan of Dots. I am in there ALL the time. And that is mostly where I get my boots from. A that seems to always be a common question I get on instagram when I where them. Dots has come a loooooooong way over the years. They have put thought into the quality of their clothing. And also offer an extensive option of plus size clothing.

They offer everything from skinny jeans, to leggings, to sweaters, to blazers to bras and panties. For it’s usually a one stop shop, if I know I need something cute really quick. And of course because they reasonably priced I rock with it. And they are always having great sales. I get the text messages and I go HAM. What I enjoy most is that they not only give us boring sweaters and tops. I have purchased sheer tops, body-con dresses, my favorite black skinny jeans that I wore to death and majority of my boots.

Recently in 2012 they have open e-commerce. So you can now buy their clothing online. Which in the past customers have been begging for. But of course like most stores their options are always better in store. And recently in 2012 as well, they launched their credit card. Now I know in this economy the last thing you want is another credit card. But if you’re there often it pays off. (no I don’t have it lol)

Dots is the fast fashion party place for women’s apparel and accessories at exceptional prices. The brand caters to women ages 25 to 35 who are both fashion- and price- conscious.

Our buyers shop NYC, LA and Europe to bring its customers the latest high-fashion runway trends interpreted for real people. Stores receive new shipments twice a week, to keep the fashions fresh and fun. With a unique fast fashion sourcing model to deliver the latest trends, it is a balance of speed and fashion that has helped us emerge as a force in a highly competitive retail landscape.
Our growth and success was founded on a passion for retail that stems from a belief that looking good should not be expensive. With over 20 years of offering a distinct fashion at an everyday low price, we offer trend setting styles in sizes 0-24 in casual, active, club, career, intimates, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
Today, Dots operates more than 400 stores within a 28 state footprint in the Midwest, East and Southeast, primarily in high traffic power centers, regional and community shopping centers.
We are a store where you’ll “Love the Looks and Love the Prices.” 

So Implore you to check out Dots‘ and see what they have to offer.

The second I saw this dress I knew it had to be mine. I got this from their main line!

Everything I have on this outfit is from Dots.

You always ask me about these boots on instagram. Dots goes up to a size 12 in some styles and a majority of their boots are wide calf.
 These pants which I love, and apparently you all did too lol

The lace top neck lace and earrings

And how could I forget one of my favorite dresses of the summer. May have to wear this again!

Check their website for a location near you. If not you can shop 24/7 online. Until next time loves.


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Fave 2012 Outfits….Sound off!

Hey loves 2012 is on its way out and we are about to usher in a new year. It’s always an exciting time of the year because you have the opportunity to start over. Make new changes in life, do something different, reinvent yourself. SO in looking back at the awesome things hat have happened this year I looked through IG and picked out my fave outfits of the year. But I want to hear what you think so vote below for your fave ATGC outfit of 2012!

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Look 5

Look 6

Look 7

Look 8

Look 9

Look 10

Sound of loves. Which one did you like the best. I love you all. Thank you for the continued support. Happy Holidays to you all. Party it up and stay safe and I’ll see you next year!

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Boutique Called Smoke & Glamour

I think one of the best things about being a blogger is finding cute places to shop, whether it be online or actual stores. And Being that I’m living that college grad lifestyle, a decent price for clothes is a must. So I am quite excited to talk about a new online called Smoke & Glamour. What I adore about S&G, is that she uses real models to show off the clothes. So that we can have an idea as to what to expect with certain items. Call me anal but things like that really important to me.

But S&G is all about providing fashionable affordable clothing for us plus size/curvy/thick women. So that we can always have cute options and not feel like we are breaking the bank.

Smoke & Glamour Boutique was created for ladies of all sizes and ages who love to flaunt their curves. The chick that walks into the room and let her style speak before she does. Every piece featured in the boutique is handpick by a self-proclamied “Fun-sized FLY girl” ensuring that the styles are unique. Loving anything that stands out, studded, sheer, sparkly and just plain fly. We aim to make high quality, trendy clothing affordable for everyone! We appreciate each & every customer

So in true Shainna fashion I went through the site and made my little wish list. Let’s check it out shall we!

So the print dress is definitely calling my name. Who says plus size women cant rock heavy prints!?

Leggings are like my second skin. And the trend has really gone in new directions. I mean I’m really swooning for the see through. And I love the spikes wrapped around leg…

 Contrast tops are always a way to go. They could be dressed up or dressed down. Super chic and so on trend.

Smoke and Glamour ships both domestic and international. You don’t have to have a paypal account but if you do then great. Smoke & Glamour is still in its beginning stages but I’m all about supporting small businesses. So be sure to check out the site and let me know what you think. Until  next time loves.


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Summer meets Fall

One thing we as bloggers go through is that change in weather, but not wanting to have to buy all new clothes. So as our lovely summer days fade to cool fall, and now chilly winter nights I still have the urge to wear my adorable summer dresses. So that begs the question, what does one do? For the last week and some change, I made a point to wear my favorite summer pieces adding a pair of boots and some stockings and ya girl was ready to go.

This little black dress made me feel so sexy. And I had to rock it with pops of color to break of the black. And to bring my girl into fall I DIY’d so holes in my stockings, my lovely denim jacket from Forever 21 and my thrifted black rider boots. You couldn’t tell me I was hot in this cold weather.

Over the summer Target was my place to shop, I was going HAM. The top, which is actually a simple body-con dress worked perfectly with this high/low skirt that i couldn’t get enough of. so to move it from my summer heels, I tossed on my opaque tights (from target) my fave leopard print wedges from Just fab and I was ready to brave this rather chilly NJ weather.

 When I say this dress at Old Navy, I just knew that it had to be mine. And ever since I got it, it has been nothing but a head turn for me! To stay cool in the heat I paired it with my leopard print sandal wedges they just made my legs look sooooo choice lol To keep it warm for the fall/winter tights and knee high boots…POW!! lol

So my loves how did you transition from summer to fall/winter? Until next time love.


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It’s a Fashion World After All

Yea I know the title is super corny…buuuut who cares lol So I am back with another online shopping site for the curvy women of the world. It’s a one stop shop offering great plus size clothing; everything from dresses and skirts to swimware and lingerie. Based out of the UK Fashion World gives us curvy women more options, not even just choice of clothing, but is size options as well. A lot of their pieces got to either a size 32, 34 or 36. And even though I’m an 18 its always comforting to know that I have options in sizing in case something runs small. And if you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer, they offer the option of requesting a catalogue. (yup taking it back lol)

At the moment they do not ship outside the UK, but for all my UK loves be sure to check them out, if you’re into looking at new plus size online stores.

Fashion World Limited is a sister company to J D Williams & Company Limited, the UK’s leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands. Our catalogues offer a huge selection of clothing and other products for all ages and sizes. All our clothes are designed to provide the best fit at the best value, and we are specialists in the area of larger size womenswear.

So let check out some options shall we?

First can we talk about how hot those black wet look leggings are? If you can’t afford American Apparel disco pants, you can always make it work with theses. and then check out the high wasted snake skin leggings. A high waist anything is perfect.

Sheer skirt for a dress, so much sex appeal but still classy. And one of the hottest trend out right now, a collared shirt dress. And, it my not be the boldest dress, but that’s when the shoes the accessories and the bag come in to play!
I actually just ordered the maxi skirt, can’t wait to rocking the living life out of it. And who doesn’t love a dogstooth skirt. I mean let’s be honest.

 What do you think? Until next time loves.


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Simply Be Dress Favorites

I’m sure if you’ve been following the blog, would know that I live for dresses. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something about wearing a really great dress and pairing with the right shoes and accessories, that just makes a girl feel good. I am always on the hunt for something new and fun. So it came as no surprise that one of my favorite place to shop for plus size clothing Simply Be had some great options. I mean of course Simply Be is always a go to. So lets check out whats on my wish list shall we?

The second I saw this dress I immediately put it on my wish list. I mean the print is to die for.
Got to love a new spin of the tunic dress!

I have been looking for a great skater dress…looks like I found it. And it comes in different colors.
 Peplum and leather…need I say more?!
I have been swooning over this Anna Scholtz dress for forever now lol

What do you think? And where are some of your favorite places to buy dresses? Until next time loves.


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A Little Sequins at Church

Happy Sunday all. I hope you had/are having a good weekend. This week was my 1st time back to church in a while (dont judge me lol) I knew that I had to come stepping. I like to think I have a very southern mentality when it comes to getting dressed for church. I believe in coming in your best. So needless to say, I had to look my best this morning. It’s very basic, but basics are something that we all need to have.

The top I just got in the mail from Zelie for She a clothing line own by one of my fave and fierce bloggers Elann Zelie. It took the US postal service forever to get it to me. But I’m glad I finally have it. The skirt is a basic black skirt fro Fashion to Figure. My mother’s best friend bought and didn’t care for it, so she gave it to me. Paired it simple earrings & and a watch along with my favorite Dereon black pumps and I was ready to go.

Outfit Details:
Top: Zelie for She
Skirt: Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Dereon via Shoe Depo
Bag: thrift store

Until next time loves


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Leather Skirts for a Curvy Fall

A lot of young women have been asking me about wear to find leather skirts. I must admit, I am wanting to get on this trend as wll. I mean how can you go wrong? There’s leather which is great for fall, and a skirt! Clearly it is a win/win lol So with so many of you wanting to know where to find a great leather or faux leather skirt to rock this season, I made a point to find options for you all. Different cuts and price ranges, there is something for everyone.

Simply Be PU box pleat skirt 

Also for those who like one of a kind pieces makes custom leather skirts in different colors and styles. I first heard about them when Fran of Frantic Dreams did a post about her leather skirt. Be sure to check them out. Until next time ladies!


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