Thrifted & Wrapped

Hey Loves,

As much as I love fall, I just can’t seem to let go of the summer. As I was was getting dressed this morning, I looked through my closet to see what I had. I came across this wrap dress that I got from a thrift store a couple months ago. I’ve worn it before, but haven’t posted about it. And I thought what the hell, it’s comfortable and I have a rather long day ahead of me.

I typically hate to follow “plus size fashion rules” but this one, wrap dresses are super flattering, I definitely stick to from time to time. You can never go wrong with wrap dresses. There are so many ways to wear them, and are definitely transitional pieces that every girl should own.

 Dress: Thrift Store| Shoes: Just Fab| Clutch: Fashion to Figure| Necklace: Eddy & Bri

I found the dress while browsing at a thrift store I frequent. I was really looking for anything in particular but then this caught my eye. And I knew it had to be mine.

Freshly twisted hair. I paired the outfit with my favorite vintage earrings and Eddy & Bri necklace. Something super simple

There you have it loves. Happy Fashion Week to my loves that are out & about for NYFW. Until next time loves.


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An Oldie but a Goodie

Hey Loves,

This is just a quick post. So yesterday, my friend Kyle’s daughter Kailyn was baptized. And I tell Kyle all the time, anything regarding my little munchkin I must be involved with lol. I wanted to go with something a little on the vintage side. And I basically re-worked an outfit you all seen me wear before. The last time I had on this color combo, I wore purple pants. But I was so in love with this skirt that I just had to wear it.

Top: H&M| Skirt: Thrift Store| Shoes: Macy’s| Belt: DOTS| Bag: Urban Outfitters

I always loved bags that have removable straps. It makes it so much easier to change the look, style and feel of a bag.

There you have it loves. Until next time.


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Boss in a Graphic Tee & Jeans

Hey Loves,

I finally found the perfect jeans that give me the boyfriend look and in the future will be cut off shorts. Lately I’ve been feeling very urban chic. Check my last OOTD post with me rocking my Biggie Graphic Tee. I want to wear big door knocker hoops and graphic tees and boyfriend jeans/cut off shorts, very 80’s 90’s vibe. I don’t know where this came from but, please know you’ll see me like this for most of the summer. And if you follow me on instagram you know that my ‘go to’ look will be just his, my hair up in a bun (the summer heat can be so rude to those with locs), basic eyes and a red lips. Super easy, and can stand this heat.

 I’m so digging this look cause both my t-shirt and jeans are from Goodwill. I’ve been waiting to find an outfit that consisted mostly of thrifted items and this one did it for me.

Shirt& Jeans: Goodwill/ Shoes: Shoedazzle/ Bag: 5 Preview/ Jewelry: Various Places
Shout out to my photographer today my buddy Kyle lol Thanks being in the heat and the slight rain with me lol
Until next time loves
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Real Life Runway: Nikki B.

Just let me say I that I couldn’t wait to do this post. The second I got the email I ran to my laptop to write it up. Not only am I swooning over the clothing line, and the two young ladies I’m writing about, its my first Real Life Runway piece in A LONG time. So I am so excited to introduce you all to Nikki who is owner and creator of Decadent Industries. I had the esteem pleasure of meeting her last month at Cece’s curvy convo event, and I was itching to get her on the blog. She is a designer based out of Brooklyn (BK stand up) . She has recently relaunched her online shop and will be doing one of a kind pieces in a variety of styles.She will be adding more pieces as time goes on. Nikki has carved out her own little empire and I suggest that if you like style with a little bit of edge, she needs to be on you list of places to shop.

Check her out:

 She is working the life out of that skirt thought isn’t she?

And she has one of my favorite curvy women/models Essie Golden ( will be doing a post about her later) Essie is my heart (of course she doesn’t know this lol) but every time I see her in front of a camera, she gives life. So it is no wonder I find her to be so awesome.

How awesome is Nikki and Essie? If you want to be apart of the RLR series click here. Until next time ladies.


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I always get excited for post like this. It’s my 1st Real Life Runway in quite awhile. But this young lady is doing it style. Ladies meet MsBrittany Que. Talk about representing our country, I love this outfit she wore for 4th of July! And I give my girl much respect cause pretty much everything was thrifted! You if you love this look, check out her blog, I think it’s super adorable! 

Follow her on Tumblr Lessbihonest

Outfit Details:
July 4th Family Cookout
Denim Vest – Salvation Army Thrift Store 1.50$
Bandeau – Made by Myself out of a scarf Free
Denim American Flag Shorts- Originally pants bought at the thrift. I Cut then and stitched the American flag onto them Pants 5.00$ and Material 1.50$
Shoes – Toms purchased at Nordstrom 40$

If you want to be a part of the RLR Series click here and show me those outfits


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Thrifting Orgasm

yes you read that title correctly! This is in fact a thrifting orgasm. On Saturday I had some free time on my hands so i decided to go out. I originally intended to go to target, but I knew there was a Goodwill not to far from target so I was like what the hell I’ll go. 10 minutes into Goodwill it was like magic. I just kept finding things. I was beyond giddy lol. Every time I found something I would get this huge grin on my face, and starting thinking about all the outfits I could come up with from each item. (you know i only think of you all when i shop) After awhile I had to stop myself because I had so many things, it was amazing. ok so enough about me talking lets see what I got shall we…

I have been looking for an extremely bold blazer and this is the 1st thing I found! love it!
 When I saw this shirt on the rack I just started to salivate and my heart started to palpitate. ugh i had to have. I snatched it up so fast, I almost knocked the rack down lol.
 This purple shorts! the camera doesn’t do them justice. they are high wasted shorts ahhh #win they are a size to small, but that is why we have tailors right?…right!
 Simple flat black booties, just perfect for my everyday commute to work!
 A pair of rain boots that i needed badly because the pair that I have kill me feet and i just hate to wear them.
 When i saw these I i had to have them. I was on the hunt for some more combat/riding boots and these just tickled my fancy.
 A pair of retro sunglasses. I was so happy to find them cause the other pair i use to have broke. (my heart sunk when they broke)

 These earrings! I just had to have. they were too fierce to pass up. It’s so retro, just perfect!

Welp there you have it. I had to put some things back, but I am pretty proud of what I walked away with. I have a lot of ideas in mind for my blazer and blouse. The boots I definitely plan to put a lot of ware on. The earrings and the sunglasses…well you know me 😉 so what do you think?!
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Feeling a little on the brown side

Starting my new years resolution early. I told you all that I will put more time and devotion into the blog. And for me that means I should make a point to take pictures of even the most common outfits.
So here we go, this is something simple I wore to work. Barnes & Noble isn’t exactly a place to work a runway lol so I have to make the best of it. And being that I’m on my feet for 8 hours comfort needs to be a must.
The leggings and cami are basics that every girl should have in her closet. The brown shrug is from Dress Barn, I got it for Christmas from my mother’s best friend. The belt is from dots and the brown boots are from Goodwill for…wait for it…$5 (well actually $4.99) but its all the same lol

Outfit detials:
Shrug- Dress Barn
Boots- Goodwill
Bag- Macys (christmas 2 yrs. ago)


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Real Life Runway; SheDel

It’s funny when homegirl asked if I don’t mind her sending in another post. She should know, she can send in 20 outfits and EVERY SINGLE outfit will get posted. lol Shedel is one of my favorite bloggers, I stalk her blog all the time, her style and her confidence are what you girls need to look up to.. You all know her, Ladies its Shedel!!!!

And of course, If you haven’t already you NEED to follow her blog! My Thrifted Closet

Where you wore this outfit?
I wore this outfit to pick up my mom from work AND I wanted a photoshoot
Where you got each item. (If applicable)?
Lace crop top- $7 @ Rainbow
Leopard Skirt $3.75 @ Goodwill
Earrings- Mom Thrifted
Chunky Necklace- $6.99
Flats- $22.99 @ Payless

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Real Life Runway; SheDel

So you all know Real Life Runway would not be complete if this young lady did not submit an outfit. Y’all know her, she is a loyal follower as I am of her blog. If you don’t know her, meet Ms. SheDel of My Thrifted Closet

Where did you wear this outfit?
I wore this outfit on a lunch date and thrifting day with my girlie!
Where did you buy each item?
Outfit Details:
Earrings-$.99@ .99 Sense Store
Necklace-6ish @ Burlington Coat Factory
Nautical Stripe Tank-$3.75 @ Goodwill
Purple Trousers-$3.75 @ Goodwill
Oxfords-$25 @ Off Broadway Shoes
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Latest thrifted finds

so me and the bestie went to Goodwill on last week friday. I had a pretty awesome time. cause who doesn’t like shopping with their bestie and on top of that I found some great stuff! I’m getting better at find great things at goodwill. now I’m on the hunt for more cute thrift stores

T-shirt is so freakin awesome. I did cut to have it off the shoulder look

Dockers shorts! real comfortable

two fabulous skirts. I have to hem them so they stop mid thigh

the cutest wristlet originally from New York & Co.

yet another Ralph Lauren Polo button up.
so ready for the next round of playing dress up
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