On the 3rd day...we did everything #NJFFFW - A Thick Girl's Closet

On the 3rd day...we did everything #NJFFFW

3:43 PM

After a rather long day on Saturday most of us were up early Sunday morning to get a good spot for Zumba class with actor and choreographer Darin Hennson. Now I had a good time although it wasn't exactly a zumba class. It was more like a put together dance class. But the highlight was that I taught the class for about 30 seconds lol (hey it's the little things in life)

After getting in a good sweat it was time to checkout, eat and attend the rest of the day. Which consisted of more shopping, a discussion/ q&a session with plus size model Tocarra jones, as well as a statewide model search for the new face of Nfinite Form. Oh and how could I forget about our MC for the runway show....the ever so fine Mr. Lamman Rucker (oh god yes with all his sexy chocolateness).
The talk with Tocarra crossed all spectrum from being a plus size model, to being a black model, to life, to women being confident in themselves and the list goes on. The she opened the floor to question, which allowed the audience to really get personal with her as well as open up about different things that has been on my mind. For me personally I thought it was great cause Tocarra is one of the few working models that people can honestly say that have followed her career and still hold a high level of respect for.

Upon ending the discussion/Q&A she joined Lamman Rucker, Chenese Lewis, April Gordon, Michyl Collins, and others as judges for the state wide model search. Now I must say that I was quite surprised by the outcome of the model search. Congratulations to Rachel Warren for becoming the new face of Nfinite form. I'm sure she will be great as she takes on the new endeavor.
Now I'm sure some of you are like, what you mean the winner took you by surprise? The top two girls that I just knew were gonna win...didn't! But hey what do I know?

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