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Model SpotLight; Essie Golden

12:00 PM

One new segment on the blog to kick off the new year is something I'm excited to introduce. MODEL SPOTLIGHT!! This segment on the blog is really about showcasing plus size/curvy/thick models who are really out there working and making a name in the modeling world. It is so important for young ladies and women out there know that beauty has nothing to do with your size. It’s not just about being a model, but about being a strong young woman.

So our inaugural model is my homegirl and new bestie, the beautiful Essie Golden

NameEssie Golden
Age: 26
Clothing Size: 16
Agency (if applicable): One day
Blog name (if applicable):

1. What made you want to become a model? 
I wanted to become a model after seeing the beautiful Mia Amber in a clothing ad. I never seen a woman with a body type like mine look so amazing. She truly inspired me to purse modeling.

2. What are some of the brands that you have worked with? 
Nakimuli, Rue 107, Ose-uhseh, Out of the Corner Online boutique, Everything Curvy and Chic.

3. How long have you been working? 
I've been working as a model seriously for about a year.

4. So many girls want to become a model what advice would give them? 
Be confident in your look, find your niche, and don't let the word "no" stop you if this is your dream. 
What should they expect? Some days the only thing glamorous about modeling will be the picture. Always be on time, take direction well and practice poses in the mirror. Expect to hear the word no sometimes and jobs will not be handed to you, you'll have to hustle for them.
5. A common misconception is that plus size/curvy/thick models live unhealthy life styles. What do you say to people who think like that? 
Have a seat in a dark corner and let us live! Most of the plus size models in the industry work out and eat very healthy.

6. Was this your dream career?Yes, this is my dream career 
How did you get to this point in your career? 
I was always so scared of failure. It's crazy how comfortable you can get because of fear of failing, but how uncomfortable you are because this is your dream. I didn't think I was pretty enough or small enough to model. Eventually, with the push of my friends I took some professional photos and sent them to designers looking for models and it just took off from there.
7. If you could be doing anything else other than modeling, what would it be?
I would be a concert coordinator planning music tours around the world or I would love to have a graphic t-shirt line which is in the works now.

8. Where do you get your confidence from? 
I stopped letting other peoples opinions of MY body rule my whole life. I can wear what I want and look just as good even better then the stereotypical beauty. When you go through so much in life you have no choice but to love you. I had to learn to love the flaws society encouraged me to hate. I wake up some days and force myself to say nice things to myself in the mirror until I believe it.
How do you stay in a positive frame of mind? I make the CHOICE every single day to be positive. I surround myself with like minded people and I find pleasure in simple things not simple people.

9. Why do you think it so important for plus size/curvy/thick models to have the same respect as straight size models? 
We deserve the same respect because we represent the average woman and we are role models to children. Not respecting us sends out the message to the average woman and young woman growing up that they don't matter unless they are this unattainable standard of beauty.
10. So many girls grow with such low self esteem. Were you ever like that? 
Of course! I went to a school where most of the girls were single digits sizes and I as a size 14/16. I constantly worried about other peoples feelings of me and I weighed over 200 plus lbs practically my whole life.
If so what advice would you give young girls struggling with her self esteem? I would say don't let your weight or other peoples opinions of you stop you from living. I was made fun of by people but that never stopped me from making friends, participating in school activities, going to dances, and even becoming a homecoming princess. I think sometimes we feel everyone hates us and that's not the case. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to fit in or be perfect, the people that matter will stick around. Just live your life.

The last couple questions are just to have fun with….
1. Hagen Daz or Ben & Jerry? Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Ice Cream is so amazing. I would give a body part for it.
2. Favorite tv show growing up? Too many to choose from but It's between, "My So Called Life." and "Martin"
3. Favorite Halloween costume? Missy Elliot from the, “I can’t stand the rain video.” (Don’t judge me lol)
4. Louis Vitton or Hermes? Neither Chanel
5. Buying your boyfriend his favorite video game or those new pair of shoes? Favorite video game. I’m a giver. 

Until next time loves


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  1. Tereza {Drastic Plastic}January 1, 2013 at 2:29 PM

    She is gorgeous.
    Happy New Year darling!

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