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Model Spotlight; Jezra Matthews

9:21 PM

Happy February and Black History Month. This Months spotlight is the beautiful Jezra Matthews. I'm sure you have seen her face before. Now let's put a name to a face. I have had the awesome privilege to meet this young woman. And she inspires me more than she knows. So let's meet her.

Name: Jezra Matthews
Age: 27
Clothing Size: 18
Agency (if applicable): Ellis and Brooks also work with Manik Mag
Blog name (if applicable): jazzy plus size

What made you want to become a model? 
As long I can remember I wanted to model, I love being in front the camera, I love getting styled. I speak through my pictures when I model. I want to show the world that yes a girl with big arms, thick legs with a tummy, a curvy girl like myself can actually model and be damn good. Modeling is my passion and I know I can bring something unique and different to the plus size world.

What are some of the brands that you have worked with? How long have you been working?
 I’ve worked with Out Of the Corner boutique; I’ve also worked with a few photographers as well as make up artist for their personal projects. And I’ve been featured in 2 plus size magazine name Rack Plus Magazine and Curvz Mag . Ive been modeling for about a year now. 

So many girls want to become a model what advice would give them? What should they expect? 
Follow your dreams, no dream is ever to small or to big, don’t rest until you have put you’re all into your dream. Expect negativity to be thrown at you but once you have god on your side you will be all right. So be strong and fight off all negativity.

A common misconception is that plus size/curvy/thick models live unhealthy life styles. What do you say to people who think like that? 
That’s crazy and sounds almost unreal but its not surprising to me. I say let them think what they want to think. I am a plus size women who loves her body however I also believe in eating healthy. It has nothing to do with “having the perfect body” but having a healthy body and living long.

Was this your dream career? How did you get to this point in your career?
 I want to be a counselor; I want to counsel women with low self-esteems. Modeling was also a dream of mines and I’m pursing that as well.

If you could be doing anything else other than modeling, what would it be? 
Counseling young adults.

Where do you get your confidence from? How do you stay in a positive frame of mind? 
My confidence comes from within. It comes from being told I can’t do it. I stay positive because I want to be an example to other aspiring plus size models. Or even people in general who have dreams.

Why do you think it so important for plus size/curvy/thick models to have the same respect as straight size models? 
A model is a model to me I don’t see the difference and I hate when people divide them as if a plus size shouldn’t model. Plus, curvy and thick women deserve a place in the model world. (Plus who doesn’t love extra meat) lol…. Plus size model should have the same respect as a straight size model.

So many girls grow with such low self-esteem. Were you ever like that? If so what advice would you give young girls struggling with her self esteem? 
When I was a little girl there were thing I didn’t like about my self like, not liking my arms, my leg and my stomach but as I grew into a women I began to love them, they made me different from anyone else. I began to love the things I hated. I want everyone to love themselves because if we don’t love our left who will? We were put on this earth for a reason and God don’t make mistakes.

The last couple questions are just to have fun with….
1.     Hagen Daz or Ben & Jerry? Hagen Daz
2.     Favorite tv show growing up? Moesha
3.     Favorite Halloween costume? Kitty Cat
4.     Louis Vitton or Hermes? Louis Vitton
5.     Buying your boyfriend his favorite video game or those new pair of shoes? Buying my boyfriend his favorite game.

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