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Volupties In Reveiw

1:36 PM

Hey Loves,

It seems like online shopping subscriptions are the way to go theses days. You all know I'm an avid shopping of places like Just Fab & Shoedazzle where you subscribe and each month you get shoe options. Well now you can get that same options with you undies!!!!

An awesome company by the name of Volupties gives you that awesome but rather fun and sexy surprise.

I'm the type of girl that loves to have cute panties. I don't know why, it's not like people will see them. But it's for my own personal knowledge. Volupties offer all different kinds of cuts; boy shorts, thongs, briefs and more. And not to mention, they come in all colors and prints.

What Are The Benefits of a Volupties Subscription?
Let us do the shopping for you while we give you a neat little surprise each month. Shopping for underwear can be a hassle with driving to the store, fighting lines, and dealing with salespeople, who has time for that? We'll find the great deals on great underwear all while saving you time and money. Every Volupties subscription gives you the chance to change your size at anytime and cancel for whatever reason. What girl doesn't like a surprise? Join Volupties today!

Thank you to the Volupties team for sending me these cute little undies.They are super cute. I feel all girly lol Until next time loves.


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