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Hey Loves
Curls , curls, curls, curls, curls I do adore lol. Even though I’m a girl with locs, I still live for a head full of curls. I can say for me, most of the time I’m lazy because the process of curling ones hair can be a little much. But the end result is always so much fun whether you’re loc’d or not. What I have come to find, creating a beautiful head of curls happens in different ways. And  comes down to two factors; how you want your curls to look and what is comfortable for you.

For me the process of curling my locs is ALWAYS an overnight process. I wash, twist me new growth then put my curlers in. I’m not a fan of sitting under the dryer but in order for my curls to set & hold, it’s a must. Once I’m done with the dryer, I usually sleep with my curlers in and take them out in the morning. Ladies, understand, your locs must be completely dry if you want your curls to last. If they are still damp, they will fall and won't last more than a few hours.

Perm Rods
perm rods for locs

Perm Rods always have absolutely beautiful results when you take them out, but aren’t always the most comfortable to sleep in. So I tend to stay away from them.
Flexi Rods

flexi rods or natural hair

Flexi rods are my curlers of choice. I always achieve even curls when I use them. The can get a little crazy once they're in depending on how I put them in.
Foam Curlers

Foam curlers I think are the most comfortable in case you need to curl over night. But I do find that they give a bit of a looser curl. I like my curls to some what tight, but if I'm ever looking for a looser (or beach curls) I reach for these.

I haven’t had the wonderful fortune to use hairsetters. Although I’ve had my eye on the Caruso steam hair setter. The do allow for a quick option, but can be quite expensive after a while.

So which ever direction you choose to go in, I’m sure you’ll be bouncing out your door all curled up. You can find most, if not all of these items at Sally’s Beauty Supply or your local beauty supply store. Until next time loves.


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  1. Shainna TuckerMarch 24, 2014 at 3:33 PM

    I have all of the above and I have to agree perm rods are not so wonderful to sleep on! hahhaha....



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