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FFFWeek Survival Guide

2:52 PM

Hey Loves,

This is something that is looooooong overdue. If you didn't know Full Figured Fashion Week will be taking place the week of June 16th. We're all worrying about what outfits we're going to wear, or who will share hotel rooms with you, or what events we actually want to attend. I know a lot of you are traveling from all over the country and I get questions all the time as to what to expect when coming to New York or what should you bring with you. So I thought about 10 things you'll need to survive FFFweek here in NY.

1. Flats
Let's be honest I know we all love our heels. But NY requires a lot of walking, going up & down steps, on & off trains or in & out of cabs. During FFFweek you will be going from event to event. Your good shoes & your feet will not forgive you. Always have a pair of flats, foldable flats, or flip flops in you bag. NY'ers will look at sideways if you're trying to make your way down the street in shoes that clearly hurt your feet.
2. Cash
I'm guilty of this all the time. As you're traveling around the city for events or on your down time, you will find that cash is much better than swiping your card. Plus the White Cruise is a cash bar, so come ready. Don't be like me where last year I had no cash & I couldn't buy a drink because the atm wasn't working lol
3. External Charger
This is coming from a blogger that ALWAYS travels with her charger. You will be taking TONS of pictures & videos. You will spend 1/2 your time posting on instagram or tweeting or using google maps (for the out of towners). No matter how advanced your phone is, that battery will take a beating. External chargers are a lifesaver. They make sure you always have a good charge so don't miss a moment.

You can find them at best buy, amazon, Ebay or any electronic store. They can run anywhere from $20-$80

Best Buy

4. Business Cards
This is a no-brainer, but it is a must for the week. FFFweek allows you to really be in contact with some of the heavy hitters in the plus industry; from models to editors to bloggers to designers & everyone in between. If you have a business or a blog or you're looking to just stay in contact with someone, make sure your business card is up to date and ready to go. 

I prefer Moo.com or Zazzle.com. They're quick, easy, allows for customization & affordable.
5. A Fan
Let's be real New York is hot in June. If you're all dolled up and looking cute, you don't want to be in pictures looking like a ball of sweat. Carrying a small fan in your bag just to keep you cool.
6. Blotting Sheets
If you're like me you get super oily as the day goes by. But during FFFweek you will spend a lot of time posing for pictures. And nothing is worse than your face looking like a grease ball. Having blotting sheets on hand will take care of that to ensure you look your best in all of your pictures.
7. Tide Pen
Accidents happen, but it's better to be prepared. Particularly at the "Curves at Sea" All White Cruise, while you're eating & drinking in your white, a Tide pen needs to be near by. If not for you, then maybe for the girl next to you.
8. Metro Card/NYC Map
For those who have never been to New York, our train system might be a lot for you to take in all at once. Metro cards (marta card for my loves in ATL) is what gets you into the train station. I would suggest you buy what is called a "weekly" it allows you unlimited rides for a full week. So you can travel the entire city with that one card. You can but these at ANY train station. Sure you can take cabs, but they can get quite expensive, and most of the time trains get you to your destination much quicker.
9. Toiletries
This might seem funny, but it definitely comes in handy. There is a lot that happens during FFFweek, and it will be hot, therefore you will sweat or feel very 'muggy'. You might not be able to make back to your hotel so to have things to help freshen you up throughout the day is essential.

10. A Smile
A smile goes a long way.

But above all else, have a good time Gwen & her Full Figured Fashion week team put so much effort into making this week awesome. The point of the entire week is for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. You're out to celebrate fashion, clothes and being confident in who you are. Hope to see you all there. For more information on FFFweek, check out their website. For tickets click here.


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  1. Shainna TuckerMay 17, 2014 at 2:15 PM

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    Great post!

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    great post! I hope to see you at some of the events!

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    you certainly will!

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    you're welcome!

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    thanks boo!

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