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Happy 25th Birthday to Me

9:19 AM

Rum & Coke Dress
Hey Loves, 

Yes it is my BIRTHDAY!!!! 25 ya'll. I know, I know some of you are like "25! You're a baby". I've heard it all my life, I'm use to it. Lately it seems to be a thing for us bloggers to share some birthday pictures & outfits on our blog. I thought that I would jump on that bandwagon. If you've followed me for sometime, you know that I always make a point to celebrate my birthday. I believe if God has blessed me to see my 25th birthday, it's worth celebrating. It's worth being happy, it's worth putting on a sexy dress, putting on my makeup & take some pictures with balloons.
As you guys can see I went with the red dress. A couple weeks ago I posted on my Instagram & my Facebook fan page (both of which you should be following lol) this red dress & a black dress. Both dresses are from Rum & Coke. I have posted about Rum & Coke before, and recently the designer of Rum & Coke; Coco has been making headway on different social platforms an even 2 appearances on television talking about why she only use plus size models in shoots. Even though her size ranges from small-3x.
Rum & Coke Dress

I have to tell you, it was a hard choice. Price wasn't the issue because both dresses were the same price. But I wasn't sure did I want to be daring in red or did I want to be timeless in black. But then I thought, hell it's my 25th birthday, I need to show out with some color! Hand clap for all of you who guessed I would get the red dress.
Rum & Coke Dress
In honor of turning 25 I have listed 25 things I would like to do in my 25th year.
1. Gain financial freedom 2. Travel more 3. Read more books 4. Take up a new hobby 5. Get my own place 6. Experiment with my hair more 7. Volunteer more 8. Break bad habits 9. Pray more 10. Keep in contact with old friends 11. Argue less 12. Explore new opportunities 13. Experience different cultural activities that are available to me 14. Donate  15. Pamper myself more 16. Learn to get my winged eyeliner on fleek 17. Teach myself in depth HTML 18. Show my guy how much I appreciate him 19. Wear bigger sunglasses 20. Take a dance class 21. Be shameless with my Blog & Youtube Channel22. Spend more time with my mother/family 23. Keep and open mind for new & exciting things/people  24. Work harder & smarter that I ever did before 25. Laugh more than I cry 
Rum & coke dress

I'm excited to be turning 25, I haven't hit my "quarter life crisis" yet, but if that were to come, I like to think I'm ready to take it on. So yup Happy Birthday to me. I'm 25 and feeling good. Until next time loves.


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  1. Happy Birthday beauty!

  2. Happy birthday beauty.Please follow my blog.Find here cute and plus size clothings.


  3. hi,nice to meet you here also.I have followed your blog.do you remember?

  4. Happy Birthday and Enjoy it all each and everyday.



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