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My Interaction with a Positive Curvy Girl

12:00 PM

Hey Loves,

I have to say I'm beaming with such excitement as I write this. Yesterday at work a customer was trying on some clothes from Vince Camuto, Michael Kors, DKNYC & Ivanka Trump. When she cam out of the dressing room, I got instantly excited because she looked GREAT. I think what excited me the most was that she was a super confident curvy woman who chose not only chic pieces but very bold and she wore them so well. For me as a blogger, It does my heart good to see a young woman where great clothing, and where it well.

This is the first look she tried on. This was my absolute favorite. 1 Because she is wearing 2 of my favorite brands & items. The Ivanka Trump open front blazer is perfection for spring & summer. It works perfect for the office, happy hour and even church.

The Vince Camuto floral scuba skirt can be a curvy girl's best friend. It wears well, washes well, and fits all your curves in the right way. If you work for conservative companies, it may be a bit too much for the office, but for those in more creative environments, you can totally wear this to the office. The skirt also comes in white.

She opted for a simple white top from DKNYC, and I thought it was perfect addition. The shirt is super simple and breaks up the boldness that comes from the blazer & skirt.

The second look she tried on, had the same silhouette as the first look. But still had a very different feel & vibe.

The Michael Kors navy & orange contrast stripe skirt is much lighter in weight than the Vince Camuto Skirt above but has similar fit. it's perfect for more "put together" occasions. It does hit right at the knee, so you're still sexy, but polished all at the same time.

The v-neck tunic pair perfectly with the skirt. I know the orange is quite bright, but it really isn't over powering. The tunic (like most tunics) can be paired perfectly with skirts, leggings or even jeans.

To help offset the very very bright colors, she added on a simple yet extremely versatile black blazer with a faux leather collar from DKNYC

I know this post is SUPER random, but I really couldn't contain myself when I saw that young lady, be so comfortable in her skin & in the clothing that she was trying on. I most definitely had to do a shameless plug for the blog. I quickly ran & wrote down my blog name & instagram (which I hope you're following). Actually another customer saw her trying on the 2nd look and immediately came to ask me where she found the look. I was only too happy to point her in the right direction. At the end of the day loves, being confident in yourself will translate to other people. Outside people will not only be able to see your beauty, but will be willing to see it in themselves.

If she reads this, I hope she knows she is the full inspiration behind this post. Until next time loves.


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  1. Shainna TuckerMarch 25, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    I don't live in the States but was recently in a Nordstrom checking out some pieces from Vince Camuto's collection. I didn't pick up anything during that visit, thinking I'd be going back but of course, I didn't. So sad. :-( These outfits are beautiful though. And I agree, confidence is contagious!

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