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Plus Size Tights & Fishnets

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Hey Loves,

A while back one of you posted on my Facebook Fan page about wanting to know where to buy good plus size tights. Many of you know I live in skirts pretty much year round, and once it's cold outside I'm always in tights with my skirts. I know finding good stockings or tights can be hard for plus size women. Especially finding ones that will last more than one wear. Listed below are brands that I've been wearing for the longest and that have done me justice.

-Just my size
My hands down favorite opaque tights of all time to wear. They wash well, they hold their shape, and even if I'm rough on them, fingers don't poke holes through them. You can find them at Cvs, Walmart, & of course They run true to size & are generally range in price $6.50-$8.50

-Love your Style, Love your Size
One of my favorite brands that one of my drag queen friends turn me on to. I love their opaque tights. They withstand A LOT! They range in size from 1x-4x. Be sure to read the size chart, they do run true to size. If you're look for control top that you can actually breath in, LYS is a brand to look into. They are budget friendly priced at $5-$8 at Kmart. (Maybe cheaper if you get a good sale)

-Merona Tights (via Target)

One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE fishnets I purchased about 4 or 5 years ago are from Torrid. They are leopard print fishnets. I can honestly say they were worth the $15 I paid for them. They are literally the best. Torrid's fishnets are fantastic. They aren't the basic fishnets, they have different patterns and prints. They same way straight size women have fun prints, Torrid offers that for us plus size women.

-Lane Bryant
Another pair of fishnets that I've had for quite sometime is from Lane Bryant. Again good quality pair, that again washes well & doesn't lose it's shape over time. They do run true to size. My 1st pair I purchased I bought a size up, but they were too big. The one I purchased they don't have any more, but these Diamond Mesh Tights are very similar.

There you have it loves. What are some of your favorite tights or fishnets. Comment below! Until next time.


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