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How I Stay Motivated

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Hey Loves,

I don't know about you but from time to time I tend to hit a writing & outfit rut. I get to a point where I find myself void of unique & creative ideas or outfits to post on the blog. Sometimes I find myself just slapping together a post just to keep up with my blogging schedule. (If you've followed recently, you know that I set myself up on a blogging schedule to post every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Which I must say has been working very well for me. But still those moments come when I'm just like what the heck should I write about?!
When sitting down to write this post, I had to think to myself what really inspires me, which ultimately motivates me to write. The 1st thing that came to mind was... 


If you've watched My Blogging Story video on youtube, you know that I started my blogging journey on Tumblr & to this day is still a huge part of my brand & overall hobby. I can't tell you the amount of outfit ideas that come to me from scrolling down my timeline which consist of everything from plus size fashion, to straight size fashion, to black erotica, to 90's music/tv appreciation. Tumblr is literally endless inspiration

Getting away from my normal environment 

Even that means venturing to a part of NYC I've never been to before. Sometimes I'll just get on the train & ride. Or I'll meet some friends in parts of the city that isn't populated with tourist. Most of the time I'll hop in the car and go for a drive through NJ. I'll explore areas of different towns, while scooping out new places to take photos. Taking yourself out of your everyday surroundings can really open you mind to something new. Wearing something new, talking about something new. 

Other plus size bloggers 

You all know that I'm a huge supporter of other bloggers and whatever they have going on. So it should come as no surprise that when I'm in a rut, I look to see what they're talking about or wearing to see if anything sparkes within me. I don't believe in copying anyone, but I do believe that by seeing someone wear something or say something, it allows you gears to start turning and who knows what awesome content can come from that.


Like so many of you, I do enjoy a good read in a magazine. Every year I do buy the very large September Vogue Issue, which we all know is basically the holy grail of fashion magazines. While I am quite aware of the fact that most magazines only cater to the straight size woman, I know I can work a certain style or trend in my size. You should also know I am a huge fan of celeb styles like that of Solange, Janelle Monae, Queen Latifah and so many more. Celebs offer a great since of inspiration that I always use a source for my motivation.

Youtube Videos

I must admit I spend COUNTLESS hours watching youtube videos. It's almost sad actually. I of course have my usual 'go-to' gurus like Jackie O of Makeup Game on Point, Ms. Rosh Posh, Shameless Maya, The Bronze Goddess, Jaclyn Hill, Patrick Starr and so many more. I've done so many makeup looks from watching youtube, I've tried different hairstyles, DIY ideas...the list goes on. 

And most of all it's YOU ALL. My loves, my followers, my readers, my supporters! My blog has life because you guys come to read it. My blog thrives because of your support. Every blogger will tell you, it's the support of their followers that allow us to do what we do. Many of you have asked for certain topics or outfits or advice. That in itself gives me content. 

Until next time loves.


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