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I don't think it will FIT You

4:00 PM

Hey Loves, 

So I just had to come a write about this very interesting encounter I had a work the other day. I was working with a customer, and she happen to be buying a cardigan that I've had my eye on for quite some time. 

In talking to her to I said "I love this cardigan, I've been meaning to buy it"

She responded in a manner that I definitely did not expect

"oh I don't think it will fit you"

I immediately titled my head & lowered my brow at her because I was really taken aback. That is something I've never personally encountered. She went on to say "I struggled with the size I have, and I wear a large" And she made a face to sort of suggest if it doesn't fit me, it won't fit you. I informed her, with a smile, that not only did the xl fit me, it was perfect and can be worn buttoned or unbutton, and that I preferred a more formfitting cardigan. No doubt it surprised her to hear a girl of my size so confident in knowing what I can & can't wear, she apologized endlessly until I was done working with her.

Much to my surprise I didn't get angry or mad, admittedly I was a tad bit bitter. I realized that this type of reaction and thought process is common in most people, though rarely verbalized. It surprised me because this is the 1st time it's been said or to my face. I stopped to wonder did other customers think that because I'm I big girl that I somehow limited myself to the sad plus size section that was upstairs from my department. I was not suppose to partake in the super cute options that dealt with on a regular basis?

I had to remind myself, that her opinion is simply her opinion, which she is completely entitled to have. I have to refuse to allow myself to get in my feelings over something completely trivial. 

Has this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments!


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