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Denim Debut with Catherine's

11:44 AM

Hey Loves,

I’m so excited about this post. I have the amazing chance to team up with Catherines for the debut of their denim! It's crazy that a few weeks ago I said to myself, I don’t have a lot of jeans in my closet, and this happens! Anyway I’m sure a few of you are giving me the side eye because I’m sure you’re thinking how do I “fit” with Catherines. But I’m a firm believer that you can make all types of brands work for you. And while in the midst of this collab, I have a new found love for Catherine’s. I styled 2  fall looks with their True Stretch denim, and I’m kind of in love with them, so let’s take a look.
Look 1
If you’ve followed my blog for some time you know that I LOVE me a good cape or poncho. So when I saw this beauty in the catalog, I knew it was going to be one of my looks. Ponchos are so easy to style & wear. I added a simple tank top underneath. When the weather really gets cool, I’ll eventually add long sleeves. But for the weather at the moment, a simple tank top works just fine.I paired the look with this great fringe bag from Catherine’s & my favorite pointy toe nude pumps from Payless.
I went with the True Stretch Denim in medium wash, because I like how it keeps a look very casual. I did stitch the bottom of the jeans to make them a bit more “skinny”. Other than that, I really do love the fit of these jeans. I think partially due to the stretch waistband. A girl can eat all night in comfort lol

Look 2
This entire look is all Catherine’s, bag & jewelry included. For a more laid back look, I picked this really pretty sweater. I really do get excited for fall & being able to wear cute sweaters lol. I love how this sweater is fitted at the top and flares at the waist. It’s a bit longer in the back than in the front so it does give some nice coverage (if that’s what you like.) I paired the jeans & top with these brown booties also from Catherine’s. I finally have brown ankle booties. I have been on the hunt for something like these for so long. And they fit great. They are a bit loose now, but I know once I start wearing thicker socks, they will fit me just right.

I really do love the fit of these jeans. They sit at my natural waist, definitely comfortable. They are true stretch which allows them to conform to your body in the right way. They hold their shape but still quite are easy to move in. As I mentioned above I stitched the bottom of the jeans to give them a skinny leg. I do have quite small ankles so a lot of jeans are always big around the ankle. But because these jeans are a slim fit to begin with, stitching the bottoms was very easy. I made them all my own.
There you have it loves. I implore all of you to check out the new denim options at Catherines. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that fits your body. I really want you all to know that fashion doesn’t have to have an age limit. You can always find some great pieces when you look. Be sure to follow them on social media +CatherinesPlusSizes  See you in my next post.


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