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Xpandasox is HERE

11:00 AM

Hey Loves,

If you're anything like me you love socks in the cooler months. If you're anything like my bestie you have a love for fun socks. And I know use plus size girls tend to have larger calves and the average sock just doesn't...well...fit! BUT a new brand on the block by the name of Xpandasox has just launched their site and their socks will fit calves up to 24 inches. Yes you read that right, 24 inches. And we're not talking just boring socks, they have colors, prints and even lace!

The idea for Xpandasox was inspired by wide calf boots. Each sock features a stretch panel that allows for the perfect fit around your calves. These patent pending socks are completely functional & stylish. They will fit around those of use that have larger and/or athletic calves without binding or rolling down. They also come in a myriad of colors. Each pair will range from $16-$18

 Their knee high sock comes in 2 sizes 9-11 (sizes 5-10), 10-12 (sizes 10-12) and is 16 inches from the back of the heel to the top band.

Don't worry she has something for the guys as well. Or maybe you aren't into knee high socks. Their unisex mid-calf sock fits calves up to 24 inches, and is 13 inches from the back of the heel to the top bnd

They'll be launching XpandasoxSport in October. So for those girls like to look cute while working out *clears throat* ME...these would be perfect.

I'm ready to wear mine, and with the weather getting cooler now these would be perfect under my boots. Check out the Xpandasox website & be sure to follow them on their social media channels. Happy shopping loves. See you in my next post.


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