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Pool Side in Costa Rica

1:06 PM

Hey Loves,

I'm finally able to go through all of my pics from my trip to Costa Rica. I took so many pictures with so many post in mind that when I came back I had to settle for a bit & figure out what footage I had. While in Costa Rica I took 2 days to just be insanely lazy. I would wake up whenever, have some breakfast watch tv (piece together what they were saying) go to the pool, tan a bit, go back inside, shower, nap & eat. It was awesome. I did take some time to be a blogger though. Since I was there during the week the pool was empty which allowed me to get some bathing suit shots.

For this trip I bought a couple of plus size one piece bathing suits. I just wanted to be cute & comfortable. I brought a pink & black one piece from Swimsuits4All. It's super comfortable, stylish & functional. It's perfect for those who swim for exercise or swim competitively. I threw on this chiffon shurg I got from Ashley Stewart. This wasn't meant for bathing suits but I thought it match so well. 

To lounge around I wore my favorite fringe swim top also from Swimsuits4All and this forever 21 skirt that my bestie got me ages ago. Costa Rica is quite hot & humid so I had to make sure I was cool, but covered.

This look I actually wore to the beach while in Costa Rica. I opted to not take beach photos because I really wanted to enjoy just being there. This Carmen Marc Valvo bathing suit I got when I was on the Today Show. I always love how the green looks against all that melanin lol. I paired it with this crochet long cardigan from Harper & Liv. You have seen me wear it before during the summer. It's a perfect touch to throw on over a bathing suit.

My Costa Rica vlogs will be up on my Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos. To say I enjoyed myself while in Costa Rica, would be a total understatement. I really have my guy & his friends to thank for making this trip happen. I can't wait to get back there.

See you in my next post.


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