Xpandasox Sock Bank - A Thick Girl's Closet

Xpandasox Sock Bank

4:34 PM

Hey Loves,

Like you really need another reason to love Xpandasox! Not only are they helping wide calf girls of the world have awesomely cute socks they are giving back to the less fortunate one paid of socks at a time. Socks are one of the most request items from homeless shelters and other non-profit organizations.

Xpandasox has what they call the sock bank. What is that you ask? Well every time you purchase a pair of socks from them, they deposit a pair of socks into the "Sock Bank" which would be donated to homeless shelters in need.

The holidays are here, and Xpandasox make for perfect stocking-stuffers gifts. And for a limited time they are having a 20% on new arrivals. Simply use the code FALLSAVE20. Stock up on gifts for your loved ones while helping those in need.

See you in my next post.


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