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Find Your Look with LensCrafters

3:27 PM

While this post is sponsored by LensCrafters #LensCraftersCrowd, all opinions & thoughts are my won.
Hey Loves,

We all know finding a pair of glasses that are perfect for your face & your style isn't always easy. Lenscrafters yet again helps with that process. Their Find your Look feature helps break down the shape of your face as well as different aspects of your style to find frames that fit perfectly into your wardrobe.
The process is simple! Log on to LensCrafters' website, head to the Find Your Look link. 

Select your face shape.
 There are quite a few style questions. It's all worth it, I promise.

 Now let them put it all together for you.
 And voila! A select number of styles that picked just for you.

Give this a try. Wearing glasses is not like when you were young & you had to wear whatever you parents bought. You now have a say in what you get to show the world. Happy Shopping.


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