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Holiday Week; Disco Gold

7:00 AM

Hey Loves,

Day to of Holiday Week is all about disco gold. This look was inspired by the face that my guy & I were invited to a 70's themed NYE Party. This definitely is a piece for the girl that doesn't mind being the center of attention. So this look is appropriately titled Disco Gold. Let's take a look.

This amazing jumpsuit I purchased from Ashley Stewart when they had their sample sale not long ago. Since their corporate offices are right here in Jersey, I made a point to take a look at what great pieces I could snag. I remember seeing it online, but knew I need the right time & place to rock in. 
I must say I'm really in love with this jumpsuit. Not just because of the color but because of the fit. Normally I have such trouble with jumpsuits, but this one fit just right. AND it's long enough to fit my 6'0 frame. Seeing as how I didn't get a chance to try it on at the sample sale, I was thoroughly surprised but well it fit me.
For this look I kept all accessories uber simple. Black belt, black bag & black shoes, let the jumpsuit be the eye-catcher (not that that's hard to do) This is not say that you can't go with bright accessories, but I'm never want my accessories to compete with the clothing.
Can we talk about these shoes. I've had them for close to three years and NEVER wore them. I got them on sale for like $12 from Call it Spring, so it was nice to finally have a look to wear with them.
There you have it. Day 2; Disco Gold. I actually really loved this look, it's Dyno-Mite!!! See you in tomorrow's post; Twirl!


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