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JustFab Launches Plus Sizes

10:40 AM

Hey Loves,

I'm quite excited about this post. I was cruising JustFab's website the other day and I just happen to come across the link that said "plus size". I was completely SHOCKED to say the least. I have been an avid shopper of JustFab since 2012. I can't tell you the amount of post have wearing JustFab shoes. They are literally my go-to for shoes. I liked that they started incorporating clothing, and styling the shoes with fashion forward & trendy outfits. I never paid much attention to the clothing, because they didn't offer plus sizes. BUT NOW they do. Let's take a look.

It's a small collection right now but I'm sure it will grow and offer fashionable pieces just like the straight sizes.

The collection offers dresses, skirts, jumpsuits & denim. Plus sizes ranges from xl-3x and the jeans go up to a size 24. Shout out to JustFab for listening to the masses. I look forward to seeing how this line does. Happy Shopping.


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