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Grass-Fields in Aruba

6:53 AM

Hey Loves,

I am fresh from my trip to Aruba with my guy. It was a glorious trip. But you all know I can't go away without taking pics. Completely unrelated the awesome company Grass Fields reached out to be about wearing something from them. I am completely obsessed with their clothing so I jumped at the chance to wear something from them. And when I found out I was going to Aruba, I just knew that no matter what I would be shooting my outfit on the island.
When picking an outfit from the website, it was a difficult choice. I wasn't sure if I want a dress, a skirt, pants or a set. I knew that I have worn a lot of skater skirt so I wanted to go in a different direction. So I finally settled on the Vobi Set. 
I went for this set for a number of reasons, the print. It is absolutely beautiful and definitely will catch your eye. I figured I could get more use out of a set that I could mix & match with other things in my closet. And lastly, the skirt had split AND pockets. Need I say more?!

The skirt was 45 inches and I was in love. It was long enough for my liking, which is never easy for me to come by. It's super comfortable, it wasn't too hot in the warm weather and was made soooooo well. 

Now when shopping the site Grass Fields' sizing is from Small-4x (in select styles). I got my set in a 4x because of the material, I knew it wouldn't have tons of stretch. I didn't want to run the risk of the top or the skirt not fitting. Honestly I could've gotten the top in a 2x or 3x. Because it was rather big around the back. With the top I DID NOT wear a bra. Mainly because the top was not wide enough. If I had worn a bra it would've been very visible. So busty girls please beware.

Isn't this set beautiful? Be sure to check out Grass Fields' website and instagram. I promise you will not be disappointed. Happy shopping. See you in my next post.


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