Model Spotlight; Christina Mendez

Model Spotlight; Christina Mendez

Hey Loves,

I know I’m suuuuuuuper late with this post. But better late than never right. So it is time for another model spotlight. This woman, has always been an inspiration to me. I have been following her career for quite some time. Even when she had her kids, and she still bounced back to that model body, I had to give my girl 2 snaps and a twirl. She is an awesome model & mother. Ladies meet Christina Mendez!

Name: Christina Mendez
Clothing Size: 14
 What made you want to become a model?
I’ve always loved fashion as a little
girl; growing up with my grandmother and mother hey were always fashionable and
made sure I was as well. When I was in high school, I walked in some local
fashion shows to test the waters…I LOVED IT!
What are some of the brands that you have
worked with?
Some brands I’ve been honored to work with
are: Qristyl Fraizer Designs, Ashley Stewart, Sofia Vergara for Kmart, Madrag,
Cyberswim, Baby Phat, Rocawear, House of Dereon, PZI Jeans etc..
How long have you been working?
I’ve been modeling since high school but
started plus size modeling in 2006.
So many girls want to become a model what
advice would give them? What
should they expect?
Be able to take criticism, be smart, and
be focused! I always warn girls/women of making sure they do their own research
before going to castings and providing information to questionable
organizations….your safety and identity are priority #1.
Also, some aspiring models get distracted
from their overall goal. Yes, you can have fun, but if you party too much it
shows in your brand which is you (ex: in your face, your body). As a model you
need to have stamina and patience, you can’t have that with a hangover from partying
the night before.
A common misconception is that plus
size/curvy/thick models live unhealthy life
styles. What do you say to people who
think like that?
I believe you can be unhealthy at any
size! I think many folks forget and just focus on if your plus size you are
immediately unhealthy. Never judge before you know all the facts! I can out run
some of my skinny friends.

Was this your dream career? How did you
get to this point in your career?
I think my dream career was to be a model!
I began modeling again in 2008 when BET had an open call for “Rip The Runway”
and I was selected to walk the catwalk that year. I wanted to see if I would
still like modeling after my hiatus of a marriage, birth of my son, and my
son’s autism diagnosis. Much of my life was halted after his diagnosis, but
when he started to grownup, accomplish goals/defying the odds , and begin
schooling, I wanted to see if modeling could still be possible. It’s difficult
to juggle my family life (which always comes first) & my dream career on a
daily basis, but with the grace of god and family support system I’m making it

If you could be doing anything else other
than modeling, what would it be?
I love kids! I would most likely be owning
a daycare or teaching PreK/1st graders.
Where do you get your confidence from? How
do you stay in a positive frame of 
I get my confidence from my mother and
grandmother. Growing up in a prominently female household…they always taught
me that I should always keep my head held up high and I definitely pass that on
to my children. I’m gonna be honest though, being in this industry can be
draining at times with negativity…I have to separate myself through other
activities whether it’s meditation, or a run on a jogging path to have a clear
Why do you think it so important for plus
size/curvy/thick models to have the
 same respect as straight size models?
It’s absurd that we don’t have the respect
we deserve. It all goes back to when (in my opinion) the plus community was ignored by
the masses and were given over shaped outfits with no glimmer of style .Now,
slowly companies are wising up and seeing that we love appreciate fashion just
as much as a size 2 or 4.

So many girls grow with such low self
esteem. Were you ever like that? If so
what advice would you give young girls
struggling with her self esteem?
Growing up I didn’t have a low self esteem
however as I grew older I battled with
Self esteem issues. After having my son,
my body changed and with the diagnosis of his Autism, I gave up on my
appearance and just focused on him, his health/well being. With the combination
of everything happening to me and my family, it took a direct hit on my self esteem.
I hated being around large crowds and avoided the social scene… I know how hard
it is to not like the mirror reflection. My best advice to any young lady is to
take baby steps towards the person you want to be. I didn’t get my sexy
confidence overnight and I can’t say I am completely there now but I am closer
than I was 9/10 years ago.
The last couple questions are just to have
fun with….
1. HäagenDazs or Ben & Jerry?
I have a killer sweet tooth so I don’t
discriminate. Either one works for me
2. Favorite TV show growing up?
I loved Diff’rent Strokes as a kid!
3. Favorite Halloween costume?
Anything that starts with sexy…sexy
maid, sexy cop, sexy angel, sexy sexy sexy. That is my day to show skin in
4. Louis Vuitton or Hermes?
I’ve never been hooked on labels so I
rather spend that money on outfits, statement pieces, & accessories However, if I am gifted a Hermes or Louis Vuitton I wouldn’t be rude and not
accept.. please and thank you.
5. Buying your boyfriend his favorite
video game or those new pair of shoes?
I would say video game because they say if
you buy a man shoes they will walk all over you…we don’t want that lol.
There you have it loves. Head to youtube to see her spotlight video! Until next time loves.

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