Shein Plus Size Bathing Suits

Shein Plus Size Swimwear

It’s no secret the force that Shein has become among the plus size consumer. I myself have found countless pieces that I’ve worn a number of times. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Shein via my YouTube channel and bring live try on’s to my audience. Nothing brings me greater joy than being able to help another woman the ease of shopping online. I recently tried on some of Shein plus size swimwear in my latest video. To say that I was feelin’ myself is an understatement.

When shopping Shein, I typically order 3x, which for them is considered a size 18. In US sizing (Lane Bryant, Torrid, Ashely Stewart etc) I wear a 2x or 18/20. When I frst stated ordering from Shein I was a bit confused on sizing. Now that I have a better understanding of sizing and fit, I’ve been able to know what will and won’t fit.

Shein most certainly makes a point to offer, sexy, fun and trendy plus size bathing suits without needing to break the bank.

In my haul on my channel, I go into detail about HOW each suit fits based on the size that I have. I always want to try on different styles and colors to ensure that I can offer something to each man or woman that is watching.

You can shop Shein plus size swimwear below. If you would like a little bit of entertainment and to seem me do the Shainna shimmy, feel free to watch my video on my YouTube channel. You’ll also find plenty of other fashion try on hauls for your liking.

Let me know what you think of the pieces I have. For more plus size bathing suit inspo, there is more here on the blog. Happy Shopping! See you in my next post.



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