Temptation Resort Liberated Me. Find out WHY you should book your stay.

Temptation Resort Cancun

I know the last thing I expected during Covid was to have the opportunity to travel to Mexico. However, when the opportunity came along to experience the very sexy, adult only, all-inclusive resort; Temptation Resort Cancun, Mexico, I couldn’t pack my bags fast enough. Just reading their site & checking out their Instagram, I was very much intrigued. I’ve been to adult all-inclusive resorts, but nothing like what was about to experience at Temptation. I can say with all certainty, Temptation Resort Cancun liberated me 1000% and you need to book your stay ASAP.

Temptation Resort opened their doors 3 years ago in Cancun, Mexico and is truly and adult playground that will not disappoint.

Who can pull up?

Temptations is perfect singles and couples alike because there is something for everyone. They definitely encourage mature adult behavior; topless area, themed parties, adult store in the lobby, and your room TVs offer adult film options. Just the overall atmosphere of the resort brings excitement.

Everyone & everyBODY is welcome at Temptations. Their Instagram didn’t service them any justice. They are MUCH MORE diverse once you’re there. I saw straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples, black women, white women, plus size women, straight size women, different cup sizes at the topless pool, and people from different countries. It was literally all kinds of people.

Tip: Just have fun!!!


They have 2 pools that are available for all guest.

The sexy pool is the largest & the main pool. It features beach chairs, cabanas to rent, 2 bars, lunch options. This is the turn pool, the party pool, the “let’s get lit pool”. And of course the immediate draw, it is topless. No worries, if you don’t want to be topless, you DO NOT have to be.

I used a photo online because in order to protect the privacy of all guest who may or may not be topless Temptation ask to not take photos in the sexy pool.

If you prefer it to be a little quieter, there is a quiet pool located on the other side of the resort. It also has a swim-up bar, jacuzzis, and views of the beautiful resort. So if you just want to chill, tan & get in the water, the quiet pool is for you.

Quiet Pool

Tip: Pools open at 9am, so get out there early to grab you a chair under an umbrella & get your tan on before the turn-up.

Property & Rooms

Temptation is stunning to look at. It’s super colorful, bright, fresh, & luxe. And it sits right on the beach!!! There is a range of rooms to fit the needs of who you’re traveling with; double rooms, single rooms, penthouses etc.. Instead of a key card, you’re given a wristband that will give you access to your room but it is also used for the staff to identify where your room may be located & if you’re a premier member or not.

Bash Tower. All of these rooms have an amazing view of the beach

Everyone has a nice size balcony, tile floors, comfortable beds and a great view of the ocean or the pools.

View from one of the rooms in the Bash Tower

If you’re in need of some saltwater, you can step off the resort and have the sand directly under your feet. In a few short steps, you’re met with warm ocean water.

View of the beach from the resort
Balcony view rooms wrapped in beautiful colors

Food & Drinks

If you’re new to all-inclusive, it means just that. Your food & drinks are included in your stay. And I have to say, I ate good while on my trip. Temptation offers 7 different restaurants all meant to cater to different taste buds. The main spot for breakfast, lunch & Dinner is Rain offers a buffet that offers tons of options. (Don’t worry the staff goes to great lengths to keep everyone safe & healthy)

You can wander pretty much anywhere & find a bar. I was never without a drink, and it is lovely. My only beef with the resort is that I wish they had more options for beer drinkers. I was quite disappointed to find they really only had 2 options for beer.

Tip: Bring your own tumbler or thermal cup for the pool, the bartenders are more than happy to fill in up for you!

What to do all day?!?!

If you’re looking to be lazy & just tan, swim, eat & drink you can definitely do that. But there are activities rolling all day long. You can take a tour of the whole resort, take a pole class, trivia, go to the spa, relax on the beach, go parasailing, hop on a catamaran for a party, and much more.

They offer theme parties every night, which typically include costumes. If for some reason you are not prepared for a particular theme, there is a store in the lobby that will have everything you need. When I say everything…I mean EVERYTHING.

As for me, I opted to be lazy and tan and I do not regret that.

How safe was it?

One of the most asked questions was “How safe was it?” I know with Covid a lot of folks are curious about what is or isn’t safe. I will say, I think Temptation did their best to make sure they cleaned & sanitized EVERYTHING. The staff all wore masks. For buffets, they made sure to get the food for you to eliminate large crowds gathering or breathing around the food.

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My final thoughts

Honestly, Temptation is one of the best times I’ve had at an all-inclusive. I was beyond comfortable with my body, (yes I did go topless and it was awesome) with the staff and with the other guest. There is an energy in the air that can’t really be described. It’s like you wake up so ready to be in the midst of other people who are there to indulge and just have a good time.

If you are someone who gets jealous very quickly, or you know you will struggle with your wife or girlfriend being topless, I would reconsider Temptation Resort Cancun. This about letting go & just enjoying yourself or your boo.

I’m already planning my next trip back and it will definitely stay for more than 3 nights. I have highlights on my IG to see more pics!!! Pack your bags & maybe I’ll see you there.

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