Happy Halloween…In Living Color

SO i had a rather laid back Halloween. I was actually off from work. But I still wanted to enjoy the day. I went to dinner with my besties, and we all wore our costumes. My best friend Kelsey was mickey mouse and my other best friend was a marienet doll. and me…well I was a Fly Girl from the hit sketch comedy show In Living Color. For those who don’t remember the show, it was pretty much where JLo back when she was still Jennifer lol she was one of their dancers. I really loved the fly girls cause they did real choreography. They don’t do that very often any more.
So my costume was pretty much last mintue but I’m totally ok with that seeing as how it came together very well. As you can see I have ‘In living color’ on the front. on the back I actually have ‘Fly Girl Shay’ but it was too cold to take a lot of pictures without my jacket. In case you didn’t know living in Jersey (at this time of the year) is quite cold. and we’re still trying to get over the freak snow storm that came through here this past saturday.
The most exciting part of my costume is my earrings. I made them myself. I had these earrings on my mind for a good week now, and to see them come to life makes me soooo happy. definitely will be making more!

Hope you like!




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