ATGC on the Scene; Torrid Holiday Preview

Hey loves,

Last week I was excited to attend the preview of Torrid’s new holiday arrivals. It was hosted by the wonderful Gabi Gregg. And as usual I got to see all my blogger loves, mix & mingle, eat, drink, and try on clothes.

Upon arrival I was greeted by some of there PR team, which is why I always love their events. I always get a chance to spend a couple minutes with their buyers and or designers.

Racks of clothes for us to try on.

Their jeans, in my opinion Torrid has some of best jeans in the business. They fit great, they will last you, and I usually never have a problem with length with their jeans. I have my eye on their new boyfriend jeans.

All the shoes you could want. I love Torrid‘s shoes, because they understand that we as plus women tend to have wider feet and calves. So they make sure to always accommodate us.

My look for the night.
 Tunic/Dress: Henrik Vibskov| Booties: Torrid

Had an awesome time as usual. Thanks to Gabi & Torrid for the invite. Always a good time. Until next time loves.


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Rent the Runway Plus Launch

Hey Loves,

Extra Extra…I have some exciting news. Rent the Runway has officially launched their plus line! WWWWHHHHAAATTTT! lol yea ladies, we now have the option to rent absolutely beautiful gowns in size 14-22. So you know that means, someone needs to have Christmas party so I have a reason to rent a dress.

Last night I had the awesome pleasure of attending their launch event at their showroom down in Soho. Thank you to Nicolette Mason for the invite. Myself and a handful of my favorite bloggers, got to catch up with each other, sip on some champagne, munch on so great finger food and of course play a little dress up.

Your look is never complete without the right jewelry accessories and bags.

You know they had to feed us.
Love this Carmen Marc Valco Dress. It was just perfection, from the color to the fit! Check out more options from Carmen Marc Valvo here.

Info on Rent the Runway:
Rental prices range from $50-$200 depending upon the dress. You are sent 2 sizes, to ensure that you have the perfect fit, and you have 4-8 days to return with door to door delivery. So ladies if you have a party coming (you know you do, the holidays are around the corner) be sure to grab something stunning from Rent the Runway.

Check out some of their options

Until next time loves,


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I Remember when I met you…#TBT

Hey Loves,

One thing I pride myself on as a blogger is make sure I keep my relationships with other bloggers strong. Let’s be honest, at some point we were all that “new blogger” and you look up to all the seasoned bloggers. And you say to yourself

“oh I love this person’s blog”

“oh I love that person’s blog”

And some times it’s almost borderline fandom. I’m not gonna lie, when I started blogging I was addicted to Gabi and Nadia (as most tend to be) They were the 1st blogs I started to follow. And then I gradually grew to follow a lot of other blogs.

And I got to thinking, do I remember how I met some of my blogger loves? So that is the point of this post. I want you guys to comment below on how or when you met your favorite blogger(s).

Cece aka my blogging big sister/mentor
I met Cece in March/April of 2012 when we both attended New Jersey Full Figured Fashion Week in Atlantic City. Back then she was anonymous on her blog, so we have no pictures from then. But even after we left, we kept up with each other through Twitter and Facebook, and every single event she’s had, I’ve made a point to be there. Cece has always been there for me in pretty much every aspect. I deemed her my mentor pretty much against her will because she keeps me on track. She’ll give me advice even if I don’t ask her for it lol If I ever wanted to model myself after a particular blogger…Cece is it.

Kelly….my apple juice booskie (insider lol)
Ok I have to admit, I did stalk Kelly for quite some time before I actually met her cause I thought she was sooooo fabulous. I met Kelly in September of last year at a meet up for SBOC. I was so excited to actually meet her. And what I love about Kelly is that she is the same outspoken, keepin’ it ALL THE WAY funky type of chick from the 1st time you meet her. Case & point; the night I met her I said to her “oh I’m loving your hair” she straight said to me “girl this ain’t even mine” I busted out laughing. And to this day Kelly is someone who I confide because I know she listens, she is someone that wants to keep her brand as a blogger and social media influence intact. And she does a great job at it.

Jennifer…my Swedish love muffin
Jen has to be one of the sweetest people I know. She actually reached out to me 1st, sometime last summer. She wanted to meet up cause she was new in the country, and she realized we both lived in Jersey and she really wanted to make friends. Our first dinner date was at California Pizza Kitchen, and that is now our “go to” spot when we get together. I’m so proud of her and her work ethic, and her blog is so awesome. I have to applaud her as blogger to be able to have life in a different country and thrive as well as she has…I love her for that alone.

Essie…a plus model breaking ALL KINDS of rules
No Essie isn’t a blogger, but I can tell you that she is one hell of a person. The 1st time I ever saw a picture of Essie was in the yellow bumble bee dress from Rue 107. I and remember saying to myself, “WHO THE HELL IS THIS GIRL” because the amount of life she was giving me was off the charts. I was finally able to actually meet Essie after a lot of back & forth on instagram, at Monif C’s holiday shopping event in December. And from there we just hit off. Essie has taken so many leaps & strides, as a woman, as a model, and as a body positive advocate. Proud of her would be an understatement.

Alissa…Always a delight when she walks in the room
I met Alissa at the IFBcon back in 2011 (wow it’s been 2 yrs. already) I had been following her blog for some time and was always impressed by how polished and put together she is. She knows how to make work wear & fashion coexist, which in my opinion is very hard to do. But what I really enjoy is her energy. She is a ball of laughs, but wise all at the same time. And I mean we are for ever connected cause we were on Good Morning America together #pow

Meaghan & Beck..oh lord these 2, I’ll try to keep this short lol
Beck: manfattan
Meaghan: Littlelimedress
I met both Beck & Meaghan at Qristal Frazier’s runway show up in Harlem in July of last year. And who knew we would act the hell up every time we’re together. Meaghan is someone I turn to for industry insight, and just someone who I need to help figure out my vision and that will give so real wise advice. And my ginger snap (as I call her) keeps it 100 with you through the good and the bad. You can’t ask for anything better. Beck, that damn glamazon lol makes me feel normal, I mean I can be in a heels & have to look up to her, (ya’ll don’t know how big of deal that is for me lol) but I love beck for undeniable beauty. Not only does she rep for the plus size women of the world, she holds it down for us tall girls. She and & I have the same struggles with shoes, and jean lengths, and the stares we get when we talk into a room with heels on. I mean what can I say about these two…..

There are so many other bloggers that have had a hand in how i conduct myself and my blog, even if they don’t know it. But these women list were the 1st to really connect with me. So with that said, let’s take a trip down memory lane for Throw Back Thursday. Sound off in the comments loves


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I kicked of my NYFW festivities by attending the IFB
conference at the Altman Building. A huge thank you to my blogging mentor and
big sister CeCe of The Big Girl Blog for allowing me to go. It was an awesome
experience. I went back in 2011 and gained so much. So this time around I made
sure to take all that I could. I attend only the second day but it was really
chuck full of vital information It really discussed behind the scene of the
business of blogging. Like Affiliate programs, and copyright information. How
to package a proper media kit to market to the brands you want to work with.
I thought the topics at hand are things that we all need to
know, in order to keep our blogs moving. I mean we all want to take the best
pictures, and gain more traffic, and go to the events. But the truth of the
matter is, you have to learn and understand the foundation of how to make you
blog strong behind the scenes.
And as usual, in between the panel discussions, we had time
to play.
If you wanted you could bedazzle a really awesome shirt with
Curious George on the front courtesy of MailChimp
You could enter to win some bomb ass (excuse my language) head
phones from Monster Products. You could customize the sample headphones they
and take the best picture to win.
You could get your face beat by the Bare Minerals team…I was
in heaven and I walked away with some goodies.
Alan and Alex jewelry was super cute, and you could play in
the photo booth like me and my love Meaghan of Little Lime Dress
Check out some of the fashionable women of the day!

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Let the good times roll…

Lunch+fall+a camera+bloggers= one hell of a time! So on Sunday, I had an awesome time going to lunch at Houlihans with Ericka of The Regine Report and Jen of Jasiferlions Club. And let me tell you, I couldn’t have asked for a better time. You all already know I adore the life out of Jen, but it was nice to have her meet my good friend/mentor (she just doesn’t know it yet lol) Ericka. We enjoyed a nice lunch and drinks, talked about so important news (which you’ll lean about in the future) and we just enjoyed each others company. And of course in true blogger fashion, there was no way were gonna end the day without take pictures together. Now let preface this by saying, when you put 3 interesting personalities together in front of the camera please expecting nothing but craziness!

btw…thanks Jen for the pics!

Always gotta share a good laugh!

New buddies!

Always on our grind!

These 2 just know how to pose!

You all know about that make-shift tripod! But we got some really great shots though!

Yup, the things we do sometimes makes us do crazy things in public lol I love this pic!

All in all it was a great day for me. I’ve been going through a lot lately and it was so nice to have time with young ladies that are about the blogger lifestyle and are always willing to have a good time. But more than that they are women that I look up to and awesome in their own way! Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.


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Happy Birthday Eddy & Bri

Thursday night I headed up to Harlem to celebrate the 1 year anniversary for one of my favorite places to shop.. Since they came on the scene last year I have been  a loyal shopper. And of course is all the more better that the owner Eddwina Gregg is a total sweetheart and is pure awesome sauce!

It was held at the WXYZ lounge, which I have to say is a cute little spot. (random sidenote I have to hang out in Harlem more often) You could mix mingle, have some cute little cupcakes, get a drink, preview some of her stuff and of course shop.( I couldn’t get anything cause a I’m all types of broke lol) but Eddwina knows she’s is always a go to. It was nice little turn out. I got to see some of my favorite blogger buddies, and one of my favorite designers ms Qristyl Frazier.

I was 2 hours late (totally not my fault) but I’m so glad I went to support Eddwinna.

Eddwina fierce in Red!

 Jewelry for days!
I need that blazer…and it came in a burn orange color!

Cupcakes anyone?!

Beautiful ladies in attendance

Its my love Kelly and her lovely friend…her skirt was to die for!

It was good time. Eddwina we love you. you’re for ever in my closet! Be sure to check out Eddy & Bri’s website to stock up you closets. Until next time ladies


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I really enjoy supporting my friends that are doing great things. Last week I made the trip up to Harlem to support one of my favorite bloggers and role models CeCe of The Big Girl Blog in her first event. It was held at Lenox Coffee up on 129th st. And I have to say it was SUPA cute. Very intimate and just right.

We had the awesome pleasure of hearing her beautiful voice. (if you haven’t heard her sing…you are missing out lol) Sidenote Alex the pianist, was super fantastic! But she also intertwined those into our topics of discussion. We talked about everything  from Health & Fitness to Fashion, to of course dating and boys (or girls lol) 
CeCe just as engaging as she wants to be.
CeCe really opened up about personal situations, and for me personally it made me more comfortable talking about things that I go through. And I’m pretty sure other young women felt that way as well. Because once we started going….there was no stopping us. The crowd was really responsive and everyone had some insight and knowledge to give.
The Crowd
She had 3 really awesome sponsors Foxcroft Collection,, and Simply Be!  I actually won a subscription. I just set up the account. I can’t wait to try it out. She made sure to let us know the more you tweet the more chances you have to win. Now ya’ll know I was in there tweeting my behind off. Even if I didn’t win, it was all worth it.

Blogger Buddies! CeCe & Alyssa
She will be having another event at New York Sports Club on October 27th be sure to attend. You can register here

Keep up with CeCe

Until next time loves…
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The look for MYNTPMM

So if you read my last post I talk about fashions and events from the Mynt 1792 and Plus Model Mag. So this post is really simple. Its what I wore and a few pics of the wonderful ladies that I look up to both in the modeling industry and the blogger world!

Outfit Details:
Top: Dots
Skirt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Payless
Bag: DIY
Belts: my mommy’s closet
Jewelry: Various places

  Me and one my fave models Chasity Saunders
 One my fave bloggers and followers Noel of Le Glam Princess of Curves

 Me & my girl Lisa of The Ghetto Fashionista…always enjoy seeing her!

 Ty, Lauren and Corrinn

 Me and another fave model Allison McGevna
 Kaela Humphries and Allison

Alyssa Wilson of Stylish Curves

Tulin of Plus Model Mag and Mynt Jeans Designer
Caught Kelly & Kellie in a candid moment!

Great times. Truly enjoyed myself. So until next time ladies.


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SBOC Event

NYFW for me kicked off last night at the Style Bloggers of Color event at Pranna Resturant.  It was the brain child of SBOC founder and ATL Style Bloggers founder Mattie of Mattieologie and Stylist/blogger Ria Michelle. Both who were fabulous last night. The event was rather intimate, great to just talk with people. compliment each others outfits, network and enjoy 1800 Tequila Coconut mixed drinks. (which by the way is REALLY good)

Our Host for the evening Ria Michelle and Mattie

One of the fabulous waitresses…and the drinks were to die for!

The founder and creator of the Lip Bar (I’m super excited to try this lipstick)


Yours Truly and Kelly of MasqueMag my heart is finally happy that I got to meet her!
So this young lady, I had to snap when I saw her walk in. Tell she isn’t killin the game with this outfit. And get this, her pants are thrifted. *2 snaps*

 Home girl was working this hair! I couldn’t stop staring at it!

I had great time. I met and connected with some great women.That’s what this events are all about. Meeting women who have similar interest and who are fabulous. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Check the next post for my outfit from this event. But until next time ladies


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High Low and Color

Hello lovlies, so I have had the most emotionally stressful 2 weeks of my life. So one of my favorite bloggers and my new bestie Jen of Jasifers Lions Club we went for dinner at our favorite spot California Pizza Kitchen! Those avacado bacon rolls (heaven on a plate) She really awesome and it was nice to get out the house and have fun. And in true blogger style I had to get a great outfit together. So I got these awesome jeans from forever 21. They are super comfortable and perfect for the weather change. And I’m totally into the high low hem shirts. I gravitate towards them for no reason. And you know me, anything sheer makes the world go round! Paired them with my favorite bag, my fave new shoes and some jewelry and I was ready for dinner.

Outfit Details:
Top: Deb
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Shoedazzle
Bag: Thrift store
Jewelry: various places

 I am so in love with these shoes. Shoedazzle is really my new go to place for great shoes at affordable prices. I honestly was against pointed tow shoes, but I couldn’t pass up these cap toe shoes. They gave me life when I saw them online and I just knew they had to be in my closet.

She made the perfect arm rest!!
Ok I compromised and got down to her level…even though I couldn’t stay lol
Until next time loves
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