A-Line Skirt & Thigh Highs

Hey Loves,
This one is for yall! And I must say I was totally feeling myself in this look. I was on my way out for an interesting Friday night and I need a reason to rock these oh so sexy thigh high boots I got from Shoedazzle. Yes my lovea they are from shoedazzle. I know some of you have asked on Facebook.

And I’m totally trying to be a part of the “in crowd” with this Forever 21 faux leather a line skirt. I’ve seen the Zara shorts pretty much everywhere this summer so when Forever made their own, I just had to have it. I got mine in an 18, I should’ve gotten it in a 16 hence the reason for the belt.

Shirt: Fashion to Figure| Skirt: Forever 21| Boots: Shoedazzle| Jewelry: Various places
I just couldn’t resist wearing the skirt with these boots. It shows just enough of my thighs. Yes ma’am (excuse me while I twirl my life away lol)

Surprisingly these boots are super comfortable. Despite the pictures they do reach up to my thighs. My calves aren’t that wide, so boots usually aren’t an issue for me but, these are just perfection.

Yup I’m so in love with myself tonight lol Don’t judge my life lol Unfortunately my night didn’t go as planned. But I still looked great lol. Until next time loves.
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Fashion and Function

How many of us hate when mother nature forces us to wear items of clothing that just totally clashes with our oh so great outfits. My issue i when it rains. I do love the rain boots I already have, however they just don’t work when I’m heading to work in a great skirt and top and I have on rain boots with rainbow peace signs on them lol I know you all know what I mean.

Henry Ferrera already offers great options in footwear for men and women. But he took on the idea of re-working how we wear rain boots. Being in NJ and frequently working and walking around the city of NY I have seen many people wearing these adorable ankle rain boots. So you know I went on the hunt to find out all I can about them.

 The two do come in different colors.

Henry Ferrera rain boots can be found on different online stores such as Overstock.com Loehmans.com for a rather affordable price. I think they offer great balance in fashion and function. I mean of course you know that you have rain boots on your feet. But it’s the updated modern version of the ones your mother made made you wear. lol

It’s time we bridge the gap between from fashion and function. What do you all think? Until next time.


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Thrifting Orgasm

yes you read that title correctly! This is in fact a thrifting orgasm. On Saturday I had some free time on my hands so i decided to go out. I originally intended to go to target, but I knew there was a Goodwill not to far from target so I was like what the hell I’ll go. 10 minutes into Goodwill it was like magic. I just kept finding things. I was beyond giddy lol. Every time I found something I would get this huge grin on my face, and starting thinking about all the outfits I could come up with from each item. (you know i only think of you all when i shop) After awhile I had to stop myself because I had so many things, it was amazing. ok so enough about me talking lets see what I got shall we…

I have been looking for an extremely bold blazer and this is the 1st thing I found! love it!
 When I saw this shirt on the rack I just started to salivate and my heart started to palpitate. ugh i had to have. I snatched it up so fast, I almost knocked the rack down lol.
 This purple shorts! the camera doesn’t do them justice. they are high wasted shorts ahhh #win they are a size to small, but that is why we have tailors right?…right!
 Simple flat black booties, just perfect for my everyday commute to work!
 A pair of rain boots that i needed badly because the pair that I have kill me feet and i just hate to wear them.
 When i saw these I i had to have them. I was on the hunt for some more combat/riding boots and these just tickled my fancy.
 A pair of retro sunglasses. I was so happy to find them cause the other pair i use to have broke. (my heart sunk when they broke)

 These earrings! I just had to have. they were too fierce to pass up. It’s so retro, just perfect!

Welp there you have it. I had to put some things back, but I am pretty proud of what I walked away with. I have a lot of ideas in mind for my blazer and blouse. The boots I definitely plan to put a lot of ware on. The earrings and the sunglasses…well you know me 😉 so what do you think?!
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Cranberry….and I guess black

I love when outfits come together at the last minute. Like you don’t plan it, it doesn’t even cross your mind until it’s actually time to get dressed. That tends to happen to me a lot.
This look I wore to work. And I kind if like it. It really came together organically. Granted it’s not super duper chic but I was literally just picking random things. I think wearing all black with a pop of color is always a great option.
Outfit details:
Top & leggings- Dots
Cami- fashion to figure
Blazer- Lord & Taylor (really old)
Boots- Shoeland

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I know it has been quite awhile with me posting, I’ve been working like crazy, but I’m quite excited about this post. Answer me this ladies, how many times do you find great shoes but they’re tooooo TIGHT? or those shoes fit but just don’t zip up over those great calves? Well ladies I just heard about an awesome online store that is just for you.

Vivaladiva.com is here to save the day. vivaladiva.com boost 180 different brands of shoes, with a range of sizes and for wide feet calves. This fabulous site offers wide fitting shoes and wide fitting boots for all women, men and children #epicwin When I found out about the site, it was relief to know that there are wide fitting shoes and boots available. As the shoe junkie (yea I said junkie) that I am, the minute I saw the homepage I felt right at home (pun definitely intended) lol. It’s perfect for all us women that can go from wearing those 4-5 inch heels and want to switch it up and wear sneakers. It’s a one stop shop how could you go wrong.

VivaLaDiva.com aims to be the leading footwear destination website, developed by women who love shoes – for women who love shoes.

At VivaLaDiva.com we provide a simple, one-stop shop for all your footwear needs – whatever your sense of style or budget.

We are committed to providing the greatest selection of brands on the Internet and fantastic customer service to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.


A lot of times we sacrifice being comfortable in shoes, because they are just to cute but vivaladiva.com allows us to have our cake and eat it to. They also offer intricate measuring charts to ensure that those fabulous pumps or boots fit just right. I know I couldn’t tell you the 1st thing about measuring ones feet. But vivaladiva gives you step by step instructions to guide you to the right fit. So for those who have wide feet, fat feet, muscular calves, or just rather large calves…vivaladiva.com has got you covered.

Now on to the logistics. Price point is always important when buying shoes (or anything for that matter) but I am proud to say that the prices are reasonable on a very wide spectrum. There are prices to fit the recession free shopper as well as the student loan paying, tight budget shopper. Granted the prices are in Euros, but it’s nothing a currency converter can’t help.

of course I have to show the few things on my wishlist….

Their slogan says A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO SHOES and they couldn’t be any more right.
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A Sunday in a Dress & Boots

I had a really good  weekend…actually a rather dope a** weekend. Some friends from college were in town so we went partyting in the city. It was actually my first time in a New York City club. I had a great time. Now the outfit I wore saturday night, i didn’t take pics of. But the outfit i wore sunday for out lunch date, I just couldnt wait to wear. I know its monday, but I had such a long day on sunday, that I was to tired take pictures. so I recreated it and I am so in love with this look. Well rather the dress. Its crazy cause I find with I put things together last minute my outfits always come out sooooo much better.

Dress, belt, boots-Dots
Chaine earrings-DIY
Large Clutch-DIY

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Stripes at work

Today’s outfit was very simple. Not really anthing to it, but I felt cute and that is all that matters. For those who don’t know I work at Barnes & Noble and today we Joel Osteen giving a book signing. And it was a rather large crowd of people. So I wanted to look good. No that I don’t look good normally, but there are times when I get a little lazy when getting dressed for work. Excuse the not so great pictures. I was actually in a rush. but hope you like it!

Jacket & top-Dots
Skinny jeans- Forever 21
boots- Shoeland


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Real Life Runway; Tanesha Awasthi

I am excited about this addition to the RLR series. Another tumblr crush of mine, she makes me so proud to be curvy. This girl can dress. And she is absolutely beautiful. Ladies meet Tanesha Awasthi.

Be sure to check out her daily outfit inspiration and shopping advice for the everyday fashionista on her blog Girl with Curves

Where did you get each item?
3/4 Sleeve Coat: Thrifted, BCBG
Tribal Print Scarf: Forever 21White Tee: Target
Bangle: Delhi Fashion (Boutique), India
Rings: H&M
Bag: Thrifted, Vintage Louis Vuitton
Black Skinny Jeans: New York & Co.
Boots: Dolce Vita via Nordstrom

To be a part of the RLR Series Click Here

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Dresses and Combat Boots

So this dress I bought about three years ago when i turned 18  to go to the club. I never…and I mean never wear it cause its just so damn bright lol but last night I got this awesome outfit idea. I’m thinking to get a dress that’s just like the pink, in a much darker color and rock it just like this.

I’m in love with my combat boots, so I’m always looking for something to wear with them. and of course the vest and belt just made the outfit. I can’t even lie.

Dress- Know Style
Vest- Old Navy
Boots- Walmart
Belt- Lane Bryant

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