Meet Torrid Model Search Winner Maria Gimena

meet torrid model search winner Maria Gimena
Hey Loves,
I bet Maria Gimena is one of the happiest people on earth right now. She is the new Torrid Model Search Winner. Maria Gimena a 20 something Uruguayan-born Jersey Girl (WOOT WOOT) is the winner of Torrid‘s 2nd annual nationwide model search. After a 4 city tour and thousands of online submissions, the Torrid team had the amazing task of narrowing down the final four.  From there, there was an exciting twist. Instead of the four finalists going before a panel of Torrid judges, Torrid allowed fans of the brand to pick the new winner. Oh! the power of social media.
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ATGC on the Scene; Torrid Holiday Preview

Hey loves,

Last week I was excited to attend the preview of Torrid’s new holiday arrivals. It was hosted by the wonderful Gabi Gregg. And as usual I got to see all my blogger loves, mix & mingle, eat, drink, and try on clothes.

Upon arrival I was greeted by some of there PR team, which is why I always love their events. I always get a chance to spend a couple minutes with their buyers and or designers.

Racks of clothes for us to try on.

Their jeans, in my opinion Torrid has some of best jeans in the business. They fit great, they will last you, and I usually never have a problem with length with their jeans. I have my eye on their new boyfriend jeans.

All the shoes you could want. I love Torrid‘s shoes, because they understand that we as plus women tend to have wider feet and calves. So they make sure to always accommodate us.

My look for the night.
 Tunic/Dress: Henrik Vibskov| Booties: Torrid

Had an awesome time as usual. Thanks to Gabi & Torrid for the invite. Always a good time. Until next time loves.


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I Like Simple Pieces

Hey Loves,

One thing we always hear people say is that we need to have staples pieces in our wardrobe. And I can’t agree more. Don’t get me wrong I love over top options, but sometimes those options don’t translate into everyday life. Typically I would like to take pic outside, buuuuuuuut it was raining cats and dogs outside today and I was not about that life lol

This morning I had to meet with a job recruiter (still on the job hunt, if you know of any openings email) yup that was a shameless plug lol. But anyway, I went to my basic, simple and very “Shainna” outfit. A simple black skirt, a cami and a cardigan, a belt and great shoes. I personally do not like to fit the “norm” when it comes to going to interviews. I don’t even own a suit. Don’t confuse it, I won’t show up looking a mess either. I just like to let people know that I am serious, but fashion is very much a part of me.

SO lets get into my outfit.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: H&M
Cami: Fashion to Figure
Skirt: Torrid
Shoes: Target

My cardigan, you’ve all seen before. I got it from H&M and I am so in love with it. So many of my fellow bloggers always find great pieces in H&M and when I say this cardigan, I just knew it had to be mine. I got it  in a size 10 and it fits perfect.

This skirt I’ve had for quite awhile. Going on a good 4 years now. I got it from Torrid and use to wear it all the time to church. It does have some wear to it but it is still in great condition. I’ve had my ups and downs with Torrid. But this skirt has done me so well. Love it.

Theses shoes….now let me tell you about these shoes. I was walking around in Target, totally not looking for anything, and saw these beauties in my size and they were only $8.98 uh YEEEEAAAA lol

So there you have it loves. What are your go to pieces? Let me know loves

Until next times


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Favorite Curvy Faces

I always enjoy seeing my favorite curvy women out in the mainstream doing great work. I think it does my heart good to know and see women that look like me really making moves in their careers. Like I always say, being sexy, confident in your self and being fabulous has nothing to do with the number on your clothes tag.

The ever loving and fabulous Adele graces the cover of Rolling Stone! 

Of course one of my favorite models Allison Mcgevna for Monif C. Giving me face! YES MA’AM!!!
 Ms. Tara Lynn, I’ve always admired her face and her curves. Doing her thing for Torrid!
The beautiful Chasity Saunders on the cover of Plus Model Mag Sept. 2012

Stay positive ladies and lets push for our dreams. Until next time.


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Rockin’ with the Hi & Lo

So it is quite clear that one of the major trends for the summer with be ‘high & low’ skirts and dress. Now I must admit, I was like eh its not my thing, or it just didn’t really tickle my fancy.But like most things, it takes time for it to grow on you. I kind of put it on the back burner. But recently I’ve been seeing a lot of young ladies really workin this style! It’s on of the styles that you have to either see it done, or have a rather extensive imagination. A lot of these young ladies give me inspiration to try this. and I think I will in the very close future.

Saw this girl on tumblr!
of course Monif C. will have her own!….and this young lady submitted this to my tumblr!

You get my point right!? It’s one of those trends that you have to make work for yourself. Or else it just won’t do. So if you lovely ladies have some great outfits with high/low dress or skirt…I would soooooo love to see it. Email them to me so we can show the world!

*photos credit of the owner


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Dress for the Holidays

So it is the time of the year folks are throwing their holiday parties. Matter fact I myself have a party to go to this coming Saturday (Dec. 3rd) And that means finding fabulous dresses to wear. Now you all know me, short, sparkly and colorful! But holiday partys allow for an extra sexy dress that still have a family friendly side. That’s why I love shopping for holiday dresses. It’s one thing to shop for a dress to go to the club in. I mean anything short or with an extremely plunging neck line, isn’t hard to come by. But a dress to wear to a christmas party or the oh so exciting new years parties, that’s the best part. I’m quite excited to look for a great dress. And because online window shopping is what I do, I found some dress that I absoutely love.

Fashion to Figure

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Wear it proudly

I did a post about a month ago about Gisela Ramirez an Australian plus size designer. and how I just Purchased one of her crop tops that says F*CK FLATTERING. I really haven’t had many places to wear cause I work all the time and I’m sure Barnes & Noble would not be happy with that. So today on my day off I made a point to take some pics of the top.
In case you all didn’t know I have an obsession with leggings. These are my favorite basic black leggings. The belt I got from Catherine’s, and it is slowly becoming one of my favorite belts. The booties are from torrid.  I did wear the top once to a party I went to, and got a few laughs and complements about the top. So thumbs up to that.

You can find Gisela all over the web
What Gisela Wore
Gisela Ramirez Blog
Shop Gisela Ramirez

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OOTD; On the way to the Mall

I normally don’t do OOTD’s but I was kinda feelin this outfit. Its really simple, but you know what they say, less is more! And I have been waiting to wear this blazer I got from Torrid. When I saw it own the rack I just had to have…and it was on SALE!!! A girl loves a good sale. I was finally off from work, and my mom wanted to make a trip to the mall, so I took that opportunity to get dressed.

Blazer- Torrid
Top- Dots
Skinny jeans- Forever21
shoes- Payless
bag- H&M

I didn’t buy much at the mall but i did get a super cute shirt from bloomingdale’s which I LOVE! you will see it a little later this week. and I got the really cute belt from Catherine’s. For those who don’t know Catherine’s is an extend plus size store it goes up to size 5x. I usually don’t shop in there, but my mom need to go there and the belt i got was only $2.69 YUP!! I’m thinking of outfits for it already.

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Black & Stripes

excuse the mean mug lol the sun was dead smack in my eyes!

Just a simple outfit post. I didn’t really wear this to any place special. I was going to apply for some jobs and I do to look some what put together. So this is what I came up with. The shirt I got from dots, for like $2 the jeans are from Forever 21 and I love them. They fit great, and i love the forever 21’s plus size jeans have great length. As a tall girl I always worry about jeans being to short. But i am in love with these. The edges are from Torrid, one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

ps. yes I am wear horizontal stripes. I don’t think they make me look bigger!

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Tumblr 1000th Follower Contest

1000 FOLLOWERS CONTEST; the top three winners will get either a Torrid, Forever 21, or Amex gift card
1. June 8th-July 8th 11:59pm (late submissions won’t count)
2. Must submit 3 full outfits I must see the whole outfit. (blurry or cut off mirror pics will not be accepted) The outfits do not have to be cohesive. i.e. they can be a winter, a summer, and spring outfit. it doesn’t matter but BE CREATIVE!!!
3. Submit them to my blog AND my emaill (if you dont submit to both, your submission will not count.) Be sure to put in the caption/subject box “CONTEST SUBMISSION” 
4. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
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