Monday, February 27, 2012

Academy Awards for the Curvy Women of the World

First and foremost let me say congratulations to Ms. Octavia Spencer for when BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in a movie role! I was so happy for her. I've seen her in so many small roles before in past years, and to see her just sweep the entire awards season, does my heart good. she was so excited and humble and emotional. I've been a fan of hers way before 'The Help' and I can't think of no one else who is more deserving of that Award!

Again she was looking elegant in Tadashi Shoji. Clearly she has a love this designer cause she has worn him to every major award show this year. And each time she looks even more stunning and breathtaking. She shines all on her own, but the very shiny dress just adds to it lol!

LORD STOP THE PRESSES!!!! lol Can I tell you I fell off my chair at home when I saw Melissa McCarthy in this FABULOUS pink Marina Rinaldi gown! I was completely taken aback because she was just beautiful. (She is always gorgeous) but this choice of dress...*2 snaps* It was just perfect, flattering, just enough sparkle, a great color! She stole my heart. Melissa we love you!

For me both these women just take over when they are present. Melissa is just a ball of laughs regardless, but when ever I see her on the red carpet, she is like my main focus. And Octavia beyond being an African American women, she has regalness about her. She walks with a sense of entiltement but it never over shadows how humble she is an individual. and Ya'll can't tell both these women walked the HELL OUTTA that red carpet lol!

But for my other loves of the night! Jenifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Ms. Viola Daivs (love the natural hair!), Meryl Streep (congrats), Michelle Williams, Glenn Close, Bernice Bejo and even Tina Fey!

I love award season, cause it's just a great time to see fabulous gowns the that match extrodinary talent and personalites!


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  1. Tereza {Drastic Plastic}February 27, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    Octavia looked amazing and I'm really happy she own the Oscar, well deserved.

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