Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Real Life Runway: Nikki B.

Just let me say I that I couldn't wait to do this post. The second I got the email I ran to my laptop to write it up. Not only am I swooning over the clothing line, and the two young ladies I'm writing about, its my first Real Life Runway piece in A LONG time. So I am so excited to introduce you all to Nikki who is owner and creator of Decadent Industries. I had the esteem pleasure of meeting her last month at Cece's curvy convo event, and I was itching to get her on the blog. She is a designer based out of Brooklyn (BK stand up) . She has recently relaunched her online shop and will be doing one of a kind pieces in a variety of styles.She will be adding more pieces as time goes on. Nikki has carved out her own little empire and I suggest that if you like style with a little bit of edge, she needs to be on you list of places to shop.

Check her out:
 She is working the life out of that skirt thought isn't she?

And she has one of my favorite curvy women/models Essie Golden ( will be doing a post about her later) Essie is my heart (of course she doesn't know this lol) but every time I see her in front of a camera, she gives life. So it is no wonder I find her to be so awesome.

How awesome is Nikki and Essie? If you want to be apart of the RLR series click here. Until next time ladies.


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