Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summer on my mind

One thing I plan to make sure of this summer is to own at least one absolutely sexy bathing suit. Being a girl from Jersey, going to the beach is a must for your summer. If not then you're jsut losing out. But i really have been on the look for an extremely sexy bathing suit. I have come to the conclusion that I have to actually put money into it. The sexy bathing suits clearly do not allow for me to cut corners.
But with my new job, I can definitely afford a couple new bathing suits. I want one that shows off the curves, allows for some cleavage, and is all around flashy!
  my two favorite contendering brands right now are from Monif C. and Kiyonna check them out below...

Ava Convertible Swimsuit

Monif C.
And there is another brand this is starting to win me over!


I have my eye on all of these. love, love, love! Which one do you like. Let me know!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Prom Dresses for those Curves

To all my young ladies, it’s about that time again. Yup it’s PROM SEASON! One of the most anticipated events in a girl’s life. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t wait for my proms. My high school did two proms a year. We had a junior prom which was more of a glorified cocktail party. We didn’t have to do the full floor length gowns (at least not if you didn’t want to). It was more of a knee length or just above the knee. It’s a little more laid back.

But then our senior prom was the big TADA!!! Complete with Gowns and stretch limos and what not. And I know some schools only do one prom so this is one is for you all. Shopping for your prom dress can be both fun and stressful. And for us curvy women it can be even more difficult because not only is finding a flattering dress in our size hard, but as a young woman, you want that unique dress. Because there is nothing more embarrassing than showing up to your prom and all the curvy girls have on the same dress. Whomp! Whomp! #epicfail
On top of that you still want to feel beautiful, you still want to be sexy, you want to be fashion forward. I know when I was getting ready for my prom; I wanted my dress to make me feel like I belong the red carpet!
I have been getting a lot messages asking about places to purchase prom dresses, and instead of answering the same question 10 different times I figured why not dig in the closet and do a post about it lol! So here we go!

SYDNEY'S CLOSET they offer gowns for all formal occasions! I think print can be fun, especially on taller females it can be so beautiful. Don't get me wrong, shorter girls can wear print as well. :)

PROM GIRL I adore the silhouette that a chiffon dress offers. We don't have to wear black, because of our bodies (unless u want to) Color is always fun, and it embodies the moment.

ALIGHT form fitting is always great. and Mint green is really picking up, as we saw with the Oscars!

Other places:
JC Penny
David's Bridal

Ladies just because you are curvy/thick/full figured/plus size do not be afraid to be daring! As for the extras like you jewelry, your hair, your bag, your shoes I didn't include them in this post because that is a part of your individual creativity. My rule of them keep everything else simple so the dress is the one and only statement. One and for the shoes, personally for me I hate to see your shoes under the dress. Keep the heel low enough that dress still covers it. 
Ladies I hope you enjoy this time in your life, and I want to see those prom pics when you take them!


Academy Awards for the Curvy Women of the World

First and foremost let me say congratulations to Ms. Octavia Spencer for when BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS in a movie role! I was so happy for her. I've seen her in so many small roles before in past years, and to see her just sweep the entire awards season, does my heart good. she was so excited and humble and emotional. I've been a fan of hers way before 'The Help' and I can't think of no one else who is more deserving of that Award!

Again she was looking elegant in Tadashi Shoji. Clearly she has a love this designer cause she has worn him to every major award show this year. And each time she looks even more stunning and breathtaking. She shines all on her own, but the very shiny dress just adds to it lol!

LORD STOP THE PRESSES!!!! lol Can I tell you I fell off my chair at home when I saw Melissa McCarthy in this FABULOUS pink Marina Rinaldi gown! I was completely taken aback because she was just beautiful. (She is always gorgeous) but this choice of dress...*2 snaps* It was just perfect, flattering, just enough sparkle, a great color! She stole my heart. Melissa we love you!

For me both these women just take over when they are present. Melissa is just a ball of laughs regardless, but when ever I see her on the red carpet, she is like my main focus. And Octavia beyond being an African American women, she has regalness about her. She walks with a sense of entiltement but it never over shadows how humble she is an individual. and Ya'll can't tell both these women walked the HELL OUTTA that red carpet lol!

But for my other loves of the night! Jenifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Ms. Viola Daivs (love the natural hair!), Meryl Streep (congrats), Michelle Williams, Glenn Close, Bernice Bejo and even Tina Fey!

I love award season, cause it's just a great time to see fabulous gowns the that match extrodinary talent and personalites!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amen to Navy with patterns

Happy Sunday, hope every had a good and week, and have a good week coming up. This is what I wore to church this morning. At church this morning was Family & Friends day, and my dance ministry was worshiping. So i wanted to be put together and polished, but not to over done. The shirt is from Old Navy and I found it on the clearance rack for like $5. #epicwin for me. The skirt is quickly becoming my new favorite pencil skirt. Its from the Miss Tina collection at Walmart.  (don't sleep on wally world lol) And you all have seen these booties before!

Outfit Details:
Top-Old Navy
Skirt- Walmart
Shoes- Torrid
Belt- Asos
Bag- American Apparel
You can find more American Apparel and other brands at Overstock with coupons!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NJ Full Figured Fashion

Hello to my lovely size women all over the world! This one goes out to my ladies in the New Jersey/NY and even Pennsylvania! NJ Full Figured Fashion week event will take place in Atlantic City March 30- April 1st. It promises to week a fun filled action packed networking and entertaining weekend. Spending 3 glorious days in Atlantic City with the who's who of the plus size industry.

On March 30th to April 1st we are asking women everywhere to participate in New Jersey Full Figured Fashion Week taking place in Atlantic City. This three day getaway event is full of activities for everyone to participate in, featuring comedic performances from Talent, and G.L. Douglas, beats provided by DJ CHEF and DJ Doc B, Musical performances from Grammy nominated singers Melani Fiona and Eric Benet, to celebrity guests Lamman Rucker, Toccara Jones, Chelsea Settles and more!
Officially Sponsored by the premier one stop shop for everything plus size, NJFFFW will have panelists onsite including notable plus size designer Abby Z, shopping all day from over 50 vendors, fittings, runway shows and mingling with the most fabulous in the Plus size industry.

It a great to meet other bloggers, stylist, designers, shoppers and inspirational women. Talk about full weekend! From the moment you arrive you will be a busy bee. From panel discussions, to shopping expos, to formals and runway shows and a zumba class. And with Madison Plus as the offical sponsor...It would be will worth your time. As well as other incredible sponsors like; Wunderlich Inc, Nfinite Form, The Bra Book, and Swank. You all know how much I love seeing curvy women really coming together to not only better ourselves when dealing with our health, but really feeling better as a person on the outside. How many times do we encounter women or young girls that don't love themselves, or don't feel beautiful in the clothes they where. Events like this are PERFECT. Because with so much positivity and energy moving, how can you not feel good about yourself. Unfortunately living on a college Graduate budget, I won't be able to make it. But I will be there is spirit and save up for next year lol

If you can make ladies you should definitely make the effort!

And for those who cant make the entire weekend there are options available if you want to attend just one day out of the weekend.

The weekend includes celebrity apperances by

Chelsea Settles
Lamman Rucker (AMEN!)
Heather Feather
Aimee Cheshire
Eric Benet
Melanie Fiona
Lenny Green
Jenny Luciani
Tami Roman
Darrin Henson

Just a start studded weekend!

For ticket/package information check the website HERE
For Hotel accomodation click HERE

If you make it I want to here all about!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wearing All Black

Good day all! Last night as I was cruising Tumblr I came across someones post about wearing black on February 21st in honor of Malcolm X. So being the aspiring journalist that I am I went looking for reasons why. And Today marks the 47th anniversary of the death Malcolm X Shabazz. (I hope you allow me to preach for a second)

Yeah I know we all heard about him in school and granted it is black history month. Many people saw him (and still see him as) the opposite of what MLK stood for. But in reality Malcolm X wasn't and advocater of hate, more rather an advocater for self love, self respect, not allowing ourselves to be torn down, beat down, disrespected, and everything in between.
I think late in his life he really learned what it meant to see beyond someones skin color, to see that love does not have a color, and that in order to really and truly find that happiness, find that feeling of acceptance, we have to tear down and remove the those walls that keep us divided. Don't be afraid to befriend some who is of a different race. I speak from experience. My best friend since i was 10 years old is white, and I couldn't imagine my life without her. It's ok to open your mouth and speak to people who are different. It's ok to embrace someone beyond their stereotypical societal strengths placed on them.
Ladies it's ok to to embrace your body and be different. We curvy women, in the eyes of the fashion world are considered different, we don't fit the norm and that worries people, but that is okay because Malcolm X from the time he was born didn't fit the norm. As one of the strongest, most influential African American men to ever walk this earth he stood against the grain. Whether it was against the "white man" or those in his community that were trying to take him down. He stood against it all!

SO on today I wear all black to honor a man who taught us not to fear anyone. Who made a decision and stood by it. He was gunned down in the  Audubon Ballroom in Harlem on this day in 1965

Outfit Details
Top: Fashion to Figure
skirt: Forever 21
blazer: Lord & Taylor
fishnets: Lane Bryant
booties: Torrid
The brands listed above can be found for budget prices with these coupons...get them at coupons for Overstock 


Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Late Valentines

So I'm totally aware the Valentine's day was 5 days ago buuuuuut I clearly don't care lol. I wore this on Valentine's day for a date I went on. I wasn't going all out. So I stuck with all black and a splash of color and print. My new favorite leopard print wedges, and my yellow clutch I got from Fashion to Figure. The shirt I got from Forevet 21, I wore it to the IFB con. and to keep things sexy I wore the shirt without a cami underneath. I like to be daring! I think I've found my new favorite pair of black skinny jeans. They fit like a glove and are super comfortable! Thank you DOTS!

Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Dots
Belt: Asos Curve
Shoes: Just Fabulous
Bag: Fashion to Figure


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curvy Women Dominating Magazines

It always does my heart good to she curvy/thick/plus size women on the covers of magazines. Whether its U.S. or internationally the love is universal. I don't see it as a competition with straight size women, but as the recognition in which we are due. Because we are fabulous, we do care how we look when we leave the house, we are healthy.  We are moms, career women, athletes, singers, actresses, models etc.

In case you haven't seen it floating around the blog-o-sphere or your local newsstand Adele graces the cover of Vogue and does it oh so fabulously. Adele is definitely gearing up to have one hell of a year. If you disagree you clearly have been paying attention to the news, blogs, twitter, facebook around the world lol!

Beautiful on the March cover of Vogue Magazine....SHE BETTER WORK!!!

Model Robyn Lawley (whom i just love) is on the cover of Madison (Australia) I adore Robyn. She is no stranger to mainstream magazines but for this particular issue she candidly opens up about 'Deos size really matter' Noe some women would agree that Robyn isn't plus size but at a size 14-16 in the modeling world she it. But that clearly hasn't stopped her. But what I really enjoy about her is that she is healthy and curvy. She is what young girls should be looking up to. Fabulous and positive...what a great combination!

With a beautiful face and a body to match, Tara Lynn is making major moves as a plus size model. With this being her second time gracing the cover of French Elle, she is given one hell of a title..."The Body" (yup that;s right lol ) For a major fashion magazine to want to have a plus size model on their cover and hand her a title (that was previously held by Ms. Heidi Klum) she must be doing something right!

We see you Tara!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Beautiful, Curvy, & Proud at the 54th Grammy Awards

Now if for some reason you are living under a rock and didn't know that the the 54th annual Grammy awards were on last night...I need you to really get your life together lol. But any way I personally didn't watch the whole show cause it was my birthday and I had other plans. BUT I was not going to miss the fashion for the night.
I have to say that I was very please with the fashion choices of the night (most of them any way) I particularly loved Rihanna, ya'll know love her as a style icon any way. Ms. Carries Underwood was stunning in all white (yea and it's after labor day...say something about it lol) Alicia Key's looked fabulous, Taylor Swift...and the the list goes on.
But that is not what this blog is about....I know you all were itching to see what our fellow curvy women were wearing on musics big night!

So first we start with the main woman (besides Ms. Houston) of the night Adele. Beyond being excited for her first live performance, I wanted to see what should would wear. We all know she is always in black, but she just always seems to find news to make black very elegant, and not boring. I thought she look stunning in the this black number. The hair was just right...and the red lips....SHE BETTER WORK!!!

A nice surpise for me was to see singer Kelly Price. As I was poking around the internet seeing who all was in attendance, I came across ms. Kelly Price. I was like whoa!!! Where has she been? She has definitely been under the radar these last few years. She shows up all smiles in the a sparkly pink number. Not my favorite but she is still gorgeous

With the tragic news of this weekend, the Grammy's of course was not going to be the same. Rising icon Jennifer Hudson had the humble task of singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You as a part of the triubte to her. Now we all know that Jennifer has lost a lot of weight and is not longer "plus size" but I still love her and have to represent her!

photo courtesy of Just Jared*

Lastly Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum has always been on my radar, and she continues to wow me on a very suttle level. Which is why I think I adore her so much. She has a great sense of fashion, and for me she is very refreshing to see. This purple number she wore was right up my alley!

What do you guys think?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

22 and loving it

Hello all! So today February the 12th of 2012 is one awesome day....why?!?!?! Because it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! yay me. To bring in my day right my bestie and I went out to party at Room 84 in Hoboken, which I must say is pretty nice place. I couldnt have asked for a better night out. Drinks, dancing and a fly outfit #epicwin I had to take pics before I left the house because I knew by time I get home, nothing would look right, nor would I have the will to want to take pictures lol

outfit details:
vest: DIY
shirt: Fashion to figure
skirt: Forever 21
booties: Just Fabulous
If you're looking for these brands, check out  Macys with these coupons

They don't call me SupaPOW for nothing!

Love you guys!

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