Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Curvy Spring Lookbook

Yes loves its about that time. The weather is finally starting to break here in the NJ/NY area. And me and some of my fave bloggers just can't wait to shorten these hem lines. So we can rock it skirts, shorts, colors, prints, patterns, brightly colored toe nails topped with cute sandals.

Chante of Everything Curvy & Chic reached out to me about doing a spring lookbook, and it took me all of .25 second to say yes. And when she mentioned that Shamoneke of KurvaciousBella was going to be involved it was a must. So we settle on some ideas, and picked a day to shoot. And because I knew both Chante and Shamoneke are just so fierce, I knew I had to step my game ALL THE WAY UP!!! We wanted to play with bold prints and bright colors. Spring time seems to always bring out the fun colors.

Shamoneke of KurvaciousBella

I had been following Shamoneke on instagram for quite some time. Plenty of times I had to give this girl 2 snaps & a twirl lol Her style not only spoke volumes, but her confidence caught me.
 Chante of Everything Curvy & Chic

If you don't know Chante, please come from under a rock lol No but seriously, she is force to reckoned with. He instagram is out of control, but as you can see, she totally deserves it. Her fashion sense is crazy, and she has such a kind spirit about her. So in my opinion, she deserves all the success she gets.

Both this women had me wanting to step my game up. Cause I just knew they we're going to come ready. The right looks, and make a true attempt to beat my face lol. But we had a good time bonding, changing in public and dealing with the awkward stares from folks as we take pictures.

Check out the youtube video for more pictures. Until next time loves.


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  1. Giu LiaApril 19, 2013 at 3:18 AM

    Your shoes are fantastic! I live the ethno chic!!

    ox from Berlin


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