Monday, April 1, 2013

Model Spotlight; Liris Crosse

Hey loves, So it is that time for another Model Spotlight. This young lady, should not be a stranger to you. If she is, please get your life lol But no seriously I am very excited to have the opportunity to feature her. This young woman is pioneer in the plus model industry and a true trail blazer in this throat industry. And clearly she is doing something right. She has been in multiple campaigns representing the full figured curvy women of the world. So with out further delay, lets meet this months Model Spotlight Ms. Liris Crosse

Name: Liris Crosse
Clothing Size: 14
Agency (if applicable): Dorothy Combs Models
Blog name (if applicable):

   What made you want to become a model?  I loved taking pictures & walking runway since I was a little girl!  People always told me I was photogenic. I also looked up to Tyra Banks & Naomi Campbell growing up so I wanted to be a model diva like them. It looked like fun!

 What are some of the brands that you have worked with? Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart (recently appeared in their spring in-store campaign), Target, Qristyl Frazier, Monif C., Loop 18, Vogue, Essence, the list goes on & on!
 How long have you been working? Over a decade, I'm definitely a veteran in the game! Many call me a pioneer so I'm blessed to have made my mark!

So many girls want to become a model what advice would give them? What should they expect? Expect more NO's than Yes. This industry is not for the weak hearted since you deal with a lot of rejection. It takes most models awhile to get started, sometimes even years & you must INVEST in great shoots, maintenance & quality marketing materials. Gotta spend money to make money or you don't need to do this. My best advice would be “Less is more”.  Go to agency open calls with simple, pretty hair, makeup & clothes. Agents like to see what they can transform you into!
   A common misconception is that plus size/curvy/thick models live unhealthy life styles. What do you say to people who think like that? Not true, we just happen to be NORMAL & carry more weight. Most plus size models, I know work out or are really active. I think we all try to eat what we want but in moderation. We just don't starve ourselves. I know I don't!
Was this your dream career? How did you get to this point in your career? Yes this was my dream & I must say I'm blessed to still be living it!!! I got this far from hard work, reinvention, networking, my parents' prayers & God's favor!

  If you could be doing anything else other than modeling, what would it be? Acting which I also do already but I'd like to do it at a higher level. I also would love to own a bar/lounge, a full service salon & a clothing boutique. I love food & fashion LOL!
Where do you get your confidence from? How do you stay in a positive frame of mind? I get it from my parents' instilling in me greatness at a very young age. I also get my confidence from going through trials because they make you stronger once you conquer them. I stay in a positive frame of mind because my dad is one of the most positive people I know. He has always been inspirational & a big dreamer. I definitely take after him in that aspect. Also I know that my words & thoughts are spirits so I only like to think or speak positivity.

     Why do you think it so important for plus size/curvy/thick models to have the same respect as straight size models? Its important because we represent the main group of women in the world. Most women aren't a size 2 or 4 plus most of us lead a healthy lifestyle. We work just as hard as straight size models but with fewer opportunities or respect. We deserve a lot more than what we've been getting. We shouldn't be treated as a novelty like many designers or magazines do.

So many girls grow with such low self esteem. Were you ever like that? If so what advice would you give young girls struggling with her self esteem? I pretty much grew up with a good self esteem although there was a period where I struggled in who I was. What brought me around was my faith in God & truly starting to take the time to learn who I am & what I bring to the world daily. I would say read great books, travel & meet new people, try things you never did before to stretch your personal growth & find YOURSELF!  Then be the BEST you there is!

The last couple questions are just to have fun with….
1.       Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry? Haagen Dazs
2.       Favorite tv show growing up? The Cosby Show
3.       Favorite Halloween costume? When I was Beyonce in the “Kitty Kat” video :-)
4.       Louis Vuitton or Hermes? LV
5.       Buying your boyfriend his favorite video game or those new pair of shoes? Shoes, I don't care for video games lol

So there you have it loves. Ms. Liris Crosse is one woman, that has pushed her way through this industry. And we have seen just how much she has come alive in front of the camera. So the next time you walk past an Ashley Stewart store and you see her face, be sure to give her 2 snaps and a twirl lol

Until next time loves.


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