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Curly Locs

2:06 PM

Hey Loves,

I get a lot of questions on instagram & tumblr asking about my locs. Especially when I decide to curl them. Now I'm the 1st to say I am super lazy when it comes to my hair. And definitely when I want to curl it I have to be in the mood to curl because it is rather time consuming. But here's I get curly locs.

Typically if I know I'm going to curl my hair I give myself enough time to wash, re twist, but my curlers in, and sit under the dryer. Normally when I just re twist, I NEVER sit under the dryer. That much heat on my hair is never good.
lol ignore my face. I always make funny faces when I take hair pictures. And yes this is the actually length of my hair. 6 years and growing.

I like to use either my flexi rods or my loc loops to curl my hair. This time when curling I went with my flexi rod. You can find flexi rods at any beauty supply store, and they come in a variety of size.

I just took random sections of my hair and used the soft flexi rods to curl them.  But I also knew that meant a longer dry time. In total I sat under the dryer for about four hours.  But I broke it up 2 hours when I 1st put the rods in, did some house work then another 2 hours before I took them out. I know you're thinking like why so long? My hair is rather thick and if my hair is still damp when I take the rods out,  my curls will not last but a couple hours.

I don't use any product to set my locs when curling, because I use enough during the re twist process.
But here is the end result once the rods are out and finger style it. I love me a good deep side part lol.

So there you have it, that's how I curl my locs. Until next time loves.


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  1. journey2fashionNovember 17, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    Really beautiful result !



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