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The Best Man Holiday a Must See

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Hey Loves,

In case for some unknown reason you've been living under a rock, this weekend was an epic weekend for movie debuts. Like so many couples this weekend, me and the guy had date night to go see Malcolm D. Lee's latest film The Best Man Holiday. Being that I am HUGE fan of the original movie (The Best Man) that came out in '98, I absolutely couldn't wait for this movie to come out.  It follows the Christmas vacation of old college friends ( and spouses) as they reunite for the 1st time in 15 years. I know they say time heals all, in their case time just kept the inevitable from happening.
 Featuring some of the best African American actors in today's industry, his movie will have your emotions in a frenzy from scene to scene, and is some cases your juggling multiple emotions in one scene. Bravo Mr. Lee

There will be no spoiler in this post. But I will say you need to have tissue on hand throughout the movie. I'm typically not a crier all the time. However this movie got to me on a personal level. It deals with so many issues; everything from lies, to morality, to love, to health, to anger, to coming to terms with things in life and so much more. Pretty much all of us have gone through, dealt with, or we know someone that has dealt with these things.

I applaud Lee's work with the film, because he truly brought together the relationships of each couple, and how each couple affects the overall interactions of the outspoken group of friends. He also made a point to show each couple going through hard times, and in my opinion broke the Hollywood stereotype that life is perfect with unicorns & gumdrops. As mentioned above he took a chance dealt with very sensitive subjects all the while getting you in the gut with laughter. Touche!

I have to say The Best Man Holiday, is a MUST SEE for everyone, not just African American couples. If you haven't seen the original Best Man, I suggest you do because you will be rather left out in this film. Also I have to congratulate Mr. Lee due to the fact that for the opening weekend this awesomely fun sequel grossed over 30 million dollars during its opening weekend. Which is almost double than what was projected. So ladies, grab your girls, your mom, or your man, and go see it, you will not be disappointed.

Until next time loves.


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