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#PSPFIT Round Up

1:19 PM

Hey Loves,

So I'm officially done with cycle 2 of PSPFIT bootcamp headed by my blogging big sister Cece of The Big Girls Blog. This time around she has plus size fashion brand Lane Bryant to sponsor. (Thank you Lane Bryant) It's been 4 weeks of ups and downs for me during this process. But it's also a very bitter sweet ending. One thing pspfit does, is it brings us together, we get to fellowship and hang out and be in a place of peace even after sweating together and cussing out our trainer under our breaths. This it's a great way to continue my health journey.

For our last class, Alex (our trainer) gave us the business. Him and his assistant didn't let up and made sure we walked out sweating and sore. And I must say I'm pretty damn proud of myself cause ya girl beasted out 1:40 second plank. Yup!

After class tom foolery irrupted. My 3 blogger boos and I needed to have a rachet moment to celebrate that we completed something awesome yet again.

I'm so proud of my ginger snap Meaghan for the life changes and attitude improvement (her words not mine lol) It's awesome that she was able to recognize the changes in her mood since doing pspfit. And I'm forever proud of Kelly for really taking her health into her hands and becoming even more serious about being in the gym and her food choices. Many of the other girls have dealt with so much during this cycle and to see them stay in control of their health, and channeled all there emotions into pspfit made our last meeting a water works moment lol

I recently joined Blink Fitness. I knew that with pspfit coming to a close and it getting cold, going for a walk or run wouldn't always work out. Blink is super affordable and convenient for NY/NJ residents.

Again a huge thank you goes to Cece Abra and Alex (P.E.P.P.E.R) words can't express how grateful I am to all of you. You gave of your time and your talents and I couldn't be happier with my progress. I'm down 10 pounds in the last month and I can only go down from here lol

Until next time loves.


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