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Why Amber Riley winning DWTS goes beyond the Plus Industry

4:07 PM

Hey Loves,

I'm sure you all know by now Amber Riley and her partner Derek Hough took home the trophies as the winners of this season's Dancing with the Stars. I have to say I knew from week one that she was going to win. And as I sit here and think about her triumph, I start to realize that it is more than just the fact that she was the plus girl on the show.I know from the beginning that she was going to win. I knew that she was going to smash the competition and she did just that week after week.

From week one she shashayed her way into the hearts of millions the same way she did when she was on Glee. I truly think that her wholesomeness is what got her to the end. Her talent is clearly undeniable. And every week she came out not as the plus size girl, but as Amber. That makes all the difference in the world. Because she was no longer dancing just for the plus women, or the black women, but women in general, that made her that much more likeable. Being paired with Derek, gave her a challenge. And she made sure to meet that challenge with each dance broken toe, bad knee and all.

 Everyone wanted her to win. She resonates with more than just the plus/curvy community. I think that is something she had over the other contestants. People like Snookie and Bill Nye had a very niche fan base. While I'm sure the Amber Riley army is quite strong and diligently voted each week, Every week, as I'm glued to the television, she brought every bit of fierceness that laid in her body, she gave excitement and thrill to every spin kick, and twirl of her dress. And this what people came to love. You learned to expect the best of Amber, because that is what she does. Not because we wanted the plus size girl to win.

I was #teamAmberandDerek since week one. She deserved it and the curvy girls are one top *hittin my dougie* Until next time loves


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  1. Cookies, Chaos n C est la vie!November 30, 2013 at 12:28 PM

    she looks amazing and im glad she won! you go girl!



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