Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shay SHAPES Up...New Blog coming

Hey Loves,

The title kind of says it all. NO I WON'T STOP THIS BLOG.But starting in 2014 I am creating a very informal blog for my health journey. It will be called Shay SHAPES Up If you all have been following me for some time you all know that I have been working out and make the choices to be a healthier Shainna. So that blog will be a place for me to store all my gym pics, food pics, recipes, and workout ideas.
It will also be a place for me to discuss why I work out and why I eat healthy. And to talk more about what #PSPfit is. Since a lot of you tend to ask what it is and how you can get started in it.

I just wanted one central place to keep everything and if I need to look back I know where to go. I would love it if you all would support me and follow that blog as well.

Until next time loves


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