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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Review

12:00 PM

Hey Loves,

I always believe good has a way of working things out to be in your favor. If you read my Christmas wishlist post you know that one of my items on the list was the FT4 Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch. To be honest I didn't bank on getting it, but a girl can hope right?! But God made a way (through the blog of course) and I just couldn't wait to get in the gym, just so I could use the watch.

I must say I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS WATCH! Like there is no other way to put it. It is super accurate and easy to use. When you receive the package you have...

  • The Watch
  • The Heart Rate Censor (the black strap pictured above)
  • The User Guide
The instructions take you through how to set up your watch, making sure you enter your correct height & weight along with gender and age. When actually using the watch, there is no extraness (yup I made up a word) involved. I strapped the censor around me, hit the start button on the watch and I was good to go.

Can you tell I put in work. This was my 1st time using the watch last week to kick off the new year.

I'm usually one that likes have the "bells & whistles" when it comes to technology. But this is a very basic heart rate monitor that allows you to keep your workouts and calorie/heart rate tracking simple. If you are considering purchasing this watch or any other Polar products, I highly recommend them. Their products are of great quality, accurate & easy to use.

Be sure to follow my health journey blog on tumblr Shay SHAPES Up. Until next time loves.


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  1. I have been wanting one of these!

  2. I loveeee my polar watch!!



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