Monday, February 24, 2014

Sit Down With ATGC

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Hey Loves,

This post will be slightly different. I get TONS of questions all the time about me personally and about my blog. So I figured I would finally do a post answering all of your most frequently asked questions. If in this post I haven't answered one of your most burning questions you can always email me or tweet me. Keep reading!
Where are you from?
I am a proud Jersey girl. I was born & raised in Montclair, NJ. Yes I have been to the "Jersey Shore" many times and no it is nothing like what MTV's hit shoe The Jersey Shore portrayed.

How/Why did you start your blog?
A lot of other people have an inspirational story behind their blogs. I don't, I was a senior in college and I truly was trying to find new was to procrastinate. I was already addicted to Tumblr. So one day I created A Thick Girl's Closet and 3 years later here I am.

Why don't I answer certain question on Instagram or Facebook?
I know a lot of people feel like I'm mean when it comes to my instagram. My theory is this; Reading is Fundamental...If I put in the caption where I got something from or I say details on my blog, I need people to follow directions.

Where do you Shop?
I think the better question is where DON'T I shop lol But to name a few places; Forever 21, Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Fashion to Figure, H&M, Old Navy, Thrift Stores,Target, Walmart and many other places.

How Tall are you?
I stand 6'0 tall.

What size shoe do you wear?
Size 11

What Size Do you wear?
I am currently a size 16/18 closer to 16.

You have Locs? How Long have you been growing your locs?
Yes I have locs I started them in 2007 before leaving for college. So as of right now I've had my locs for 7 years.

Are you a model? Have you modeled before? Do You Model?
I am not a signed model. I do however model from time to time. I've walked in a couple shows as well as freelanced from time to time.

How do I become a model?
I get this all the time, to be honest there is no right answer to this. I will say that you should DO YOUR RESEARCH! Google information, look up what you need to become a model. Magazines like Plus Model Magazine always have information for aspiring models. Know the top modeling agencies, who are the top models? (Liris Crosse, Allison McGevna, Anita Marshall, Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley etc.) You know what kind of modeling you want to do (Fit, Print, Runway). Build a portfolio with good some what professional photos. Attend runway classes, or any model workshop events. AND BE ON YOUR GRIND!

How do I become a blogger?
This is a very detailed and convoluted question. I can only speak on what I've done. For me blogging TAKES A LOT OF WORK. once you find you niche you have to keep your content creative and relevant. You have to be consistent with your outfit post. You have to make sure that the quality of your pictures are up to par. Network as much as you can, go to fashion shows, go to invited events, have you business cards ready. When you meet people always send a 'Thank You' email or something. Maintain those relationships as best you can. Learn about the back end of the business; SEO, Coding, legal issues etc.
But keep in mind, if you're in this for the free stuff or to get into NYFW, I suggest you quit now because you will become highly frustrated. Getting to that point takes time and commitment and will not happen overnight. Not everybody is like Gabi or Nadia or Nicolette. They all started from somewhere. But they put in their time.

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