Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ATGC on the Scene; Of Whonder Press Preview

of whonder clothing line
Hey Loves,

This post is way over due. The morning of my birthday, I had the awesome pleasure of being able to take an up close & personal look at the new plus size luxury line known as Of Whonder. The showroom was so beautiful and I was very impressed with the pieces I was able to see. I saw them in pictures but to see them up close, I can honestly say this line is well crafted & of the utmost quality. Something we haven't seen from any other plus size clothing in the plus industry.
Late last year I saw some preliminary looks from this line and I was quite excited to see everything in person. I do believe in being able to touch and feel the clothing, it's the best way to to let you all know my honest opinion.
Of Whonder cuff top and pencil skirt
Cuff Top & Pencil Skirt
I had nice conversation with the owner & creator of Of Whonder. She really broke down how & why she created this line. Having a career in politics, fashion was definitely a different turn for her, but she saw a need & went for it.
Oh Whonder Blazer
She took great care with this line. All the leather used is from the finest Nappa Lambskin Leather, and a host of top quality fabrics/materials. She really went the extra mile to achieve amazing fit.
Oh Whonder
Flare Dress
 Keep in mind this is a LUXURY PLUS LINE. The price point starts in the $300's and goes up from there. But the point of that is for the woman that is looking for staples. Pieces that will last you through multiple seasons. It's the trend now to have fewer QUALITY pieces that you can mix & match as opposed to a lot of pieces that are just sitting in your closet.
Oh Whonder Mod Dress
Mod Dress

Oh Whonder hoodie
Beyond just the impeccable clothing, when you receive your order in the mail, you won't get some ugly yellow ma'am! They come in these very lovely boxes you see below. Of Whonder has it going on lol

How are we feeling about this new plus size luxury line? Weigh in loves. Until next time loves.


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  1. Maggie LamarreMarch 23, 2014 at 3:17 PM

    luv luv now i will wear all pieces in this collection the colours are great.


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